Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Arrivals

Time to share the books that arrived in the mail this week. It's a terrific group of books. I hope there is a book or two here that you'll want to read.

I'm listing these according to release date, beginning with Elsa Watson's The Love Dog. When Samantha Novak loses her job, she agrees to investigate a reality show that features a loveable golden retriever, Apollo, who helps couples fix their relationship problems. Samantha's problem? She falls in love with Apollo, and the show's producer. Now, how can she expose the show as a sham?

The Eldritch Conspiracy is the fifth book in Cat Adams' popular Siren Song series. It's a fairy tale match, but many suspect Princess Adriana of bewitching the king. After the second attempt on her life, she turns to her cousin, Celia, for help. Celia provides personal security, and she's perfect to protect Adriana, if she's not distracted by her own problems.

I love the cover of Mary Ellen Taylor's The Union Street Bakery. Daisy McCrae's life is a mess. She lost her job, broke up with her boyfriend, and is now living in the attic above her family business, the Union Street Bakery, while she learns the business. However, the bakery isn't doing well, and Daisy has never felt as if she was a real McCrae since she was adopted. When a customer dies and leaves a journal from the 1850s, Daisy is compelled to dig into the past of the town and her family.

Triss Stein takes readers into a more recent past in her mystery Brooklyn Bones. Erica Donato is a widow who only wants to work on her PhD research. But when her daughter discovers a skeleton behind the wall in their Brooklyn home, their curiosity and interest in the past lead them in to the pre-gentrification days of their neighborhood. And, there are some people who want that past to stay buried.

The Territory by Tricia Fields won the Tony Hillerman prize when it first came out. Now, the debut mystery will be released in paperback. No one in Artemis, Texas suspected it would become an entrance into the United States for Mexican drug runners. But most locals would rather take the law into their own hands than get help from police chief Josie Gray. However, as she investigates and makes arrests, it becomes clear that Josie is up against forces on both sides.

Did you ever wish you could be someone else? In Allie Larkin's Why Can't I Be You, Jenny Shaw impulsively answers to someone else's name, and steps into Jessie Morgan's life. But, when she digs into Jessie's past, she discovers a secret that forces her to make another leap into the unknown.

Patti Callahan Henry's latest novel, And Then I Found You, is due out in April. It's based on her personal family history with adoption. It's told from the points of view of birth mother, Kate Vaughn, and her thirteen-year-old daughter, following twenty years and the characters as they move through their lives. Kate's memories keep holding her back until she decides to conquer her past and visit the father of the baby she gave up for adoption. Their reunion, and a Facebook post trigger events that will change a number of lives.

Which one of these books will go on your TBR (To Be Read) list?


Harvee Lau said...

And Then I Found You sounds like a very good one.

CindyD said...

Both THE UNION BAKERY and AND THEN I FOUND YOU are on my TBR list. I've already read THE TERRITORY - stumbled on it in the Leisure World library and loved it, and have already reserved her next one, HARDSCRABBLE ROAD, which comes out in hardcover in February.

Lesa said...

Good to know you liked The Territory, Cindy. I'll look forward to it. Finishing a terrific one today to review tomorrow. No, not the one on the side of the blog. You'll have to wait and see.

Kimberlee said...

These all sound fabulous. Hope you enjoy!!


Karen C said...

While they all sound good, I'm looking forward to And Then I Found You. My first experience with Patti Callahan Henry was with Coming Up For Air and just fell in love!

holdenj said...

I reserved The Union Street Bakery at my library. And I can't wait for Allie Larkin's next story--already reserved! Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Lesa, I see you're reading Suspect. I bought it the day it was released and just gobbled it up! This book is just awesome! Cross your fingers for Scott, who's human and can learn to cope, and weep for Maggie, who is a dog and dependent on humans to help her cope with a situation humans put her into.
I really hope Crais writes more about Maggie and Scott.


Lesa said...

Oh, Judith. I actually haven't even had a chance to read it. I'm going to get to it as soon as I can, but I'm a little backed up. Your comments make me even more eager to read it, though.

Nancy said...

I'd love to read each of these books!Also, Suspect that Judith mentions sounds very good.