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Guest review - Spilled Blood by Brian Freeman

I hope you're enjoying Cindy D's book reviews. I know I do because she reads books that I don't. It's fun to see another viewpoint. Thank you, Cindy!

SPILLED BLOOD by Brian Freeman

I don’t read psychological thrillers very often, but I had a special reason for reading this one, which I will tell you at the end.  

SPILLED BLOOD by Brian Freeman is about the impact a biotech company has on the people living in two small Minnesota towns on the Spirit River.  The firm’s research is suspected of causing the cancers that killed five teenagers.  Their parents file a lawsuit against the company, but the company is cleared.  The teenagers in the two towns start to terrorize each other, and the violence escalates until Ashlynne, the daughter of the biotech firm’s president, is shot and killed.  Another girl, Olivia, is accused of the shooting.  And someone calling himself Aquarius is leaving strange notes threatening those involved in the lawsuit.

Olivia’s parents are divorced and her lawyer father, Christopher, comes to town to defend her.  Christopher talks to other teens and their parents and he discovers that Ashlynne had learned some hidden secrets about her father’s company and its research and he follows the threads of her investigation.  There are many twists and turns and several subplots which I won’t go into, but Freeman connects everything deftly. Christopher figures out who Aquarius is just as Aquarius strikes at Ashlynn’s father.

I read the book because one of the characters is named after a friend of mine!  Brian Freeman was one of the speakers for East Mesa Branch AAUW’s first author lunch and he named a character after our branch president.  Dana Stabenow is our speaker this year - should we tell her about the precedent Freeman has set?
Brian Freeman's website is

Spilled Blood by Brian Freeman. SilverOak. 2012. 9781402798122 (hardcover), 352p.


Sue Farrell said...

I enjoy a good thriller---and I live in Minnesota---maybe I should pick this book up.
Definitely tell Dana Stabenow about the precedent---you could start something there that would be lots of fun.

essay writing tips said...

A must read book, thanks.