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Guest Review - Looking for Yesterday by Marcia Muller

I have terrific friends. Since I'm on the road, moving to Indiana, Cindy D. offered a couple of book reviews for posting here. I really appreciate it! Thank you, Cindy!


In an ongoing series the main character often undergoes occasional changes to keep the series fresh.  Marcia Muller’s Sharon McCone has faced more than her share of changes in the series and some of them have caused her to question whether she should continue to be a private investigator.  McCone faces new challenges in LOOKING FOR YESTERDAY.

McCone’s agency has just moved to a new location when a potential client contacts her.  The client, Caro Warrick, wants Sharon to prove that Warrick’s acquittal on the charge of murdering her best friend was justified.  Sharon takes the case but finds herself pursued by someone who obviously doesn’t want the true facts in Warrick’s case discovered.  The new headquarters are vandalized forcing Sharon to move into her husband Hy’s offices and reconsider Hy’s offer to combine their businesses.  Then Sharon’s home burns forcing more changes in her future.

Caro Warrick’s case involves the issue of gun control and Muller uses plot developments to explore various facets of the issue.  Muller shows that the issue is not black and white but is not at all preachy about it and deftly works the issue into the plot climax.

Readers who have not read previous books in this series could do well to start with this one, as many characters who have played major roles in other books play minor roles in this one.  Readers familiar with the series will be pleased to see them briefly reappear.
Marcia Muller's website is

Looking for Yesterday by Marcia Muller. Grand Central Publishing. 2012. ISBN 9780446573351(hardcover), 304p.


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