Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chris Grabenstein's post

Too much time watching the inauguration yesterday to finish my book. So, today I'm going to share the post in my guest book from one of my favorite authors, Chris Grabenstein. Many of you may not know Chris, but I've been reading his Ceepak mysteries for years, as well as his juvenile mysteries. His first Ceepak mystery, Tilt-a-Whirl, won the 2006 Anthony Award for Best First Novel. His Zack Jennings mysteries for juveniles are fantastic. I've frequently told Chris the books have the best step-mother in them that I've seen in books. In that series, three of the four books won awards for Best Children's or YA Mystery. And, he and I share a love of an obscure Disney series The Scarecrow.of Romney Marsh. (If you know the series, you'll recognize the cover of The Black Heart Crypt.)

Thank you, Chris, for this comment in my book.

"Here's to Lesa who has written the best reviews of all my books. And I don't say that because she usually likes what I have written. I say that because they are the best written reviews in the world.

Lesa is such a trusted voice about what works and what doesn't, she is actually one of the few people to ever read the manuscript for a book called TO DIE FOREVER. In fact, the book was called LAZLO (after the main character) until Lesa gave me that much better title. If it ever gets published, look for LH on the dedication page.

Thanks for being such a fan of the mystery genre. The mystery genre is a big fan of yours!

Chris Grabenstein"

Don't we look young? This was at the first Thrillerfest in Phoenix in 2006.
Chris Grabenstein's website is www.chrisgrabenstein.com


Chris Grabenstein said...

Legend has it that the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh (no relation to Mitt) was last seen riding his horse through the cornfields of Indiana!

Joe Barone said...

Writing mystery-story humor is hard. The Ceepak novels are among the few that I find consistently fun to read.

Lesa said...

Now, that's scary, Chris!

Lesa said...

Aren't they great, Joe? I'm glad you like them, too.

caite said...

LOVE his books! Funny, yet good mysteries, which is rare.

Lesa said...

That's true, Caite. I lvoe them, too.