Friday, December 14, 2012

The 13th Day of Christmas by Jason F. Wright

Jason F. Wright, author of Christmas Jars, writes what he does best in The 13th Day of Christmas. He offers a story of faith, courage in the face of life, and notes to encourage faith and hope. And, as always, it's a book that will bring some tears.

It's obvious from the very first page that Marva Ferguson is a special woman. She's eighty-one years old, a widow whose husband died over thirty years earlier, and a mother who lost her only son. She also has quite a sense of humor, as shown by the aprons she wears, over 150 aprons with intriguing, sometimes funny, messages. "If life gives you lemons, throw them through the candy shop window and grab some taffy." "Make yourself at home! Please start with the dishes."

Marva Ferguson and her husband, John, had sold land to the town of Woodbrook, land that was used to build a trailer park called 27 Homes. Over the years, the trailer park had grown a little rundown. It was there that nine-year-old Charlee Alexander moved when her father's business collapsed, and the family lost their home. Charlee's parents only seemed to argue, and her brother, Zach, escaped into his own world of music and video games. And, lonely Charlee found a BFF in the woman with the aprons who lived across the field from the trailer park.

That friendship was special, until the day Charlee collapsed in Miss Marva's kitchen. Suddenly, the two friends needed something to hold them together. Then Charlee started receiving mysterious letters from a family of Traveling Elves detailing the truth behind "The Twelve Days of Christmas," and indicating there was actually a secret thirteenth day. Some days, those letters were the only thing that Charlee and Miss Marva could share.

The 13th Day of Christmas is a touching story of a special friendship. It's a message of love and faith with a dollop of humor in the form of the letters from the Traveling Elves.  As always, Jason F. Wright manages to mix sentimentality with a message of faith in a story perfect for the Christmas season.

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The 13th Day of Christmas by Jason F. Wright. Shadow Mountain. 2012. ISBN 9781609071776 (hardcover), 238p.

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Marce said...

I really enjoyed his book Wednesday letters, I should read a special Christmas story.

Sounds perfect for now.

Karen C said...

I will definitely add this to my wish list. I read and loved the Christmas Jars.

Lesa said...


I liked Wednesday Letters and Christmas Jars. Two special books.

Lesa said...


I think you'll like The 13th Day of Christmas if you liked Christmas Jars.

Christie said...

The 12 days of Christmas are Dec. 25 through January 6, so wouldn't that make the thirteenth day January 7, not the 26 as depicted on the cover?

But I know how you feel about some covers...