Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sherlock Cats

My cat sitter is taking care of the cats this weekend while I'm in Evansville looking for an apartment. I hate to leave her, as a friend, co-worker, and cat sitter. The cats are going to miss her, too.  But, her message about the cats this week was so funny, I had to share it, with her permission.

She's a big fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, and we've watched Sherlock together. You might not get this if you haven't seen Sherlock. If you have, you'll recognize these characters.

It occurs to me that I can easily classify the cats in terms of Sherlock characters.  Jinx is the Sherlock of the bunch: lots of ridiculously long, lush black hair, easily bored, insatiably curious, heedlessly creates chaos in the pursuit of that curiosity, and can't stand to be ignored.  Also falls off high surfaces a lot.

 Josh is Moriarty: sleek, evil, psycho, wildly destructive, soooo changeable, and not averse to drawing a little blood.

Stormy Roy Ann Weatherly
Stormy, my favorite, is Molly: petite, timid, and sweet; shy of strangers but unshakeably loyal once she decides she likes you.  If only she were an outdoor cat who brought in dead things to dissect and had a thing for Jinx, she'd be a perfect match. 

 While Dickens is fat as the classic Conan Doyle version of Mycroft, his personality is more John:  ridiculously tolerant, comfort-loving, reserved, and able to fall asleep anywhere.  I also caught him rubbing his face lovingly against the Sherlock badge on my bag (featuring Benedict Cumberbatch's face and the phrase "Brainy is the new sexy"), so clearly he's keen on Sherlock.
Dickens Sleeping

 Nikki would be Mycroft:  quietly watchful, icily disdainful, and with a deep-set hatred of Jinx, who loves to torment her with his antics.



Anna, we're all going to miss your wit and creativity.


Joe Barone said...

We have a flighty cat. Your cat sitter's description of Stormy made me think of our Truman.

Leaving friends is hard. Best of luck as you make your move.

Jane R said...

I love all things Sherlock. What a great description of your adorable kitties.

Moving is always hard. Especially when you are leaving treasures like Anna. Good luck with your apartment hunting. Once you know where you'll be hanging your hat, it will be a bit easier.

Karen C said...

I really enjoy your cat sitter's comments! Good luck in finding an apartment and everything associated with re-locating. I admire your courage.

Anonymous said...
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Carol said...

Wonderful for all of us Sherlockian cat-fanciers! And very clever of her to spot Holmes' feline nature. Wishing you all the best, Lesa, as you start a new chapter.

Lesa said...

Isn't that fun? She is very clever. Thank you everyone for the good wishes!

Melanie said...

How do you plan to move all the cats? Husband and I are contemplating a move across country, but we can't figure out the best way to move all the cats.

Lesa said...

The same way I moved them from Florida to Arizona, Melanie. They're going in carriers in the car, and they'll ride 8-10 hours a day, and I'll stay in motels that take cats. It's not easy to get them in the carriers every morning, but we all survived the earlier trip. Hopefully, we'll survive this one!

Ingrid King said...

I love it!

I feel your pain about leaving your cat sitter behind. My cat sitter of almost 20 years is retiring and moving to Hawaii. While I'm happy for her, I'm going to miss her so much - and so will my cats!