Friday, December 07, 2012

Purrs of Wisdom by Ingrid King

Ingrid King looks at the cats in her life to offer her philosophy of life in Purrs of Wisdom: Conscious Living, Feline Style. Whether or not you're a cat person, there truly are lessons to learn by observing cats.

First, King introduces us to the cats in her life. And, she explains if we take time to observe cats, we'll find ourselves better able to appreciate life. We need to observe and enjoy the magic in life. Make time to play, as all cats do. Slow down and don't rush through life. Anyone who observes cats will realize we need to make more of an effort to get enough sleep. We need to create extra time for quiet contemplation and solitude.

Ingrid King not only observes cats, and relates those observations to human life, but also shares observations of some of life's other philosophers. Each essay begins with a quote. Joseph Campbell, Charles de Lint, Thomas Merton, and, one of my favorites, Leo Buscaglia, are all quoted to set the tone of the essays.

According to King, we can change our lives by taking time to make conscious changes. And, if we just observe cat behavior, there are a number of lessons that can be easily learned. King's lessons are easily understood, and valuable ones. It's a brilliant idea to use cats as lessons as to how to live. The author, who lives and works with cats, has a wealth of material as inspiration. And, she adds humor to the book as time after time she reminds us to make time for the cats. If we just make time for cats, we can improve our health, learn to relax, find time for contemplation and fun. Those who don't like cats might not appreciate the book and the advice. For those of us who are cat lovers, Purrs of Wisdom truly does offer excellent tips to help us live each moment with awareness that we should be living in the moment.

Ingrid King's website is

Purrs of Wisdom: Conscious Living, Feline Style by Ingrid King. The Conscious Cat. 2013. ISBN 9780988343702 (paperback), 133p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The author sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.


Nancy said...

I noticed this lovely book in your Book Mountain. My cat and I had some quality petting and purring time in the wee hours of yesterday. I'm sure she tried to convey a bit of good advice along those lines to me, then.

Ingrid King said...

Thank you for this lovely review, Lesa!

Anonymous said...

Lesa, I have been discovering many of those same lessons you mention while reading the book you'll have the review on today in the Shirley Rousseau Murphy series with Joe Grey and Dulcie and the talking cats. (That's a hint to Lesa and also to other readers of this blog to let you know it will be posted soon.)

OK, it is a LOT easier when the cats can speak to you. :) Yet our cats already speak to us; it's just another language. They speak "tail," "ears," and "pupils", for instance. They even use their voices. I know when one of my cats whines in a particular way that he's hungry, another is scared, another wants to be rubbed. I will be reading this book! Of course, any cat book has my attetion. :) Yet these lessons I'm learning now myself could use some reinforcement and validation. Sandie

Lesa said...

Nancy, I'm glad you had some quality time with your cat yesterday. Your cat probably wants it every day, though.

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Ingrid!

Lesa said...

You're right, Sandie. Cats definitely speak to us! I'll look forward to your review. Thank you!

Melanie said...

For cat lovers I can highly recommend Love Saves the Day by Gwen Cooper. A novel told from the point of view of Prudence, the cat. It's a tear jerker, so be prepared. Disclaimer - no cats die.