Friday, December 21, 2012

No Time

I'm afraid I had no time last night to read or blog. I appreciate your patience!


Joe Barone said...

Changes are never easy, even ones which are a blessing. You are in my prayers this Christmas season.

Lesa said...

Thank you, Joe. You're right. And, I appreciate the prayers. Thank you. Merry Christmas!

Rosemary said...

Lesa, just chillax! We don't mind and we all know how hard pressed you are just now. We'll all look forward to hearing about your new home and new job when you've settled in.

You're in my thoughts and prayers too. Moving home is such hard work - I have done it 11 times in my married life, and it never gets any easier, so be kind to yourself. Lots of cake, lots of little interludes when you just read (without having to blog about it) or have a coffee and look out of the window. You need to look after yourself and keep your immune system strong, especially at this time of year.

We could do another one of those 'what are you reading' days - only the book I am having to read at the moment is so dire that I don't think I'd be very polite!

Best wishes,


Carol N Wong said...

Been there, done that. Relax!

Lesa said...

Thank you! I found time to read a relaxing book tonight. Reviewing it tomorrow because it's a very special book. That's not work. Just finding the time to unwind is work. I needed book time, though.