Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Laura Lippman's Best Mystery & Thrillers of 2013

William Morrow and New York Times bestselling author Laura Lippman present THE BEST MYSTERY & THRILLER BOOKS

The free digital sampler is a curated volume of excerpts from upcoming new releases by the best Mystery & Thriller authors in the genre.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY (December 18, 2012) Perfect for the holiday season, New York Timesbestseller Laura Lippman presents an amazing selection of the most exciting mystery and thriller titles coming out in 2013 in THE BEST MYSTERY & THRILLER BOOKS (William Morrow, E-Book Original, Available: 12/18/2012, ISBN 13: 9780062270900, Free).

Included in the sampler are excerpts from the newest works by the following authors, as described by Lippman:

Peter Robinson has carved out his own territory, literally and figuratively, with his books about DCI Alan Banks. Whenever I meet someone who thinks that a UK police procedural set in the Yorkshire countryside can’t be hardboiled enough for American tastes, I point them toward Robinson’s work and WATCHING THE DARK (William Morrow, Hardcover, On Sale: 1/8/2013, ISBN 13: 9780062004802, $25.99) is a great place to start. 

Charles Todd is the pen name used by a mother-son writing team.  Talk about unique. In a world where a lot of parents and children can barely speak to each other, they have created TWO layered, nuanced series. PROOF OF GUILT (William Morrow, Hardcover, On Sale: 1/29/2013, ISBN 13: 9780062015686, $25.99) continues the amazing Ian Rutledge series, which centers on a World War I veteran.

Deborah Crombie has been on my radar since Dreaming the Bones was nominated for the Edgar, among other prizes, in 1998. A lyrical writer, she throws herself into her research and the results are always compelling. SOUND OF BROKEN GLASS (William Morrow, Hardcover, On Sale: 2/19/2013, ISBN 13: 9780061990632, $25.99) continues her winning streak.

Tim Dorsey belongs to a club of which I am also a proud member – former newspaper reporters who have made crime pay. Tim’s work is wonderfully, bizarrely hilarious. And I’ll cut right to the chase – Serge Storm is back in RIPTIDE ULTRA GLIDE (William Morrow, Hardcover, On Sale: 1/22/2013, ISBN 13: 9780062092786, $25.99). If you haven’t met Serge before – well buckle in and enjoy the ride.

Urban Waite follows his critically acclaimed debut, The Terror of Living, with THE CARRION BIRDS(William Morrow, Hardcover, On Sale: 4/16/2013, ISBN 13: 9780062216885, $25.99). Asked what he most feared, Waite said: “Living a wasted life.” This young writer has nothing to fear.

Hallie Ephron is working in a form dear to me, mining the lives of seemingly ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances. THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN (William Morrow, Hardcover, On Sale: 4/2/2013, ISBN 13: 9780062117601, $25.99) is her latest “what-if” book, in which she finds mystery and intrigue in what would strike others as a very commonplace incident.

Jennifer McMahon has been delivering wonderfully disturbing books for several years now. To be caught in her spell is, well, very much like being caught in a spell. Her stories have a quiet, compelling dread that will not be denied and THE ONE I LEFT BEHIND (William Morrow, Trade PB, On Sale: 1/2/2013, ISBN 13: 9780062122551, $14.99) may be her most fabulously creepy book yet.

Lisa Ballantyne is relatively new on the scene, but already an international sensation thanks to THE GUILTY ONE (William Morrow, Trade PB, On Sale: 3/19/2013, ISBN 13: 9780062195517, $14.99). It’s very tough-minded and unflinching, proof to me that the female of the species is not only more deadly than the male, but less sentimental.

THE BEST MYSTERY & THIRLLER BOOKS also includes an excerpt from Laura Lippman’s latest novel AND WHEN SHE WAS GOOD and the three bonus short stories that inspired this novel.

"THE BEST MYSTERY & THIRLLER BOOKS sampler gives consumers the opportunity to sample great writers - offering them a sneak peek at books from bestselling authors that they're looking forward to, as well as a taste of authors they may not yet know,” explains William Morrow Associate Publisher and Group Marketing Director Jennifer Hart.  “And because it's free, it's an easy download onto all the new e-readers that will be received this holiday season."

“The Best Mystery & Thriller Books” is available now wherever e-books are sold.


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Thanks! I picked this up for my Kindle.

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I have to do that, too, Nancy. You're welcome.

Hallie Ephron said...

THANKS for the plug, Lesa -- great batch of books to sample.

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Hallie. It is a great batch of books!