Sunday, December 23, 2012

Everything But a Dog by Holly Jacobs

If you can resist those two dogs on the front of Holly Jacobs' latest romance, you'll be able to resist the charm of the book, Everything But a Dog. The two romantic leads seem as mismatched as the dogs on this book cover, but they, just like the dogs, needed someone to bring them together.

Meet Vancy Salo, known as Nana Vancy, a matchmaking Hungarian grandmother. In the course of Jacobs' "Everything But..." series, readers have learned how Nana Vancy cursed her husband's family, and finally found a way to break that curse. In doing so, she discovered the joy of matchmaking, and successfully brought two couples together. Now, one of her best friends, Annabelle, wants her to match up someone in her family. Annabelle finds a distant relative, a veterinarian named Della McGraw. How can Nana Vancy find a way to make that match? She'll start by adopting two dogs, a smart big black dog named Madame Curie, and a little white puffball, not so bright, but with a big heart, named Clara Barton. And, Curie is smart enough to play her role perfectly when Nana Yancy spots a good-looking young man who turns out to be a single attorney. The only problem? Jonah McIntosh has a terrible allergy to dogs.

Nana Yancy never let a little problem like an allergy interfere with her plans for matchmaking. And, while he first plays along with the nice elderly woman, it isn't long before he's determined to deal with his allergy or die trying.

Holly Jacobs concludes her "Everything But..." series with another fun romance. This time, she spends almost as much time on the importance of finding homes for unwanted dogs as she does on the romance itself. Everything But a Dog is a fitting end to an enjoyable series. There isn't as much conflict or as many problems as in earlier books, but it ties the series up nicely, leaving Nana Yancy as a successful matchmaker, happy with her husband, her growing family, and, now, her determination to find good homes for dogs.

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Everything But a Dog by Holly Jacobs. Montlake Romance. 2012. ISBN 9781612186740 (paperback), 129p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The author sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.


Beth Hoffman said...

Oh my gosh, could those two pups on the cover be more adorable?!?!

I suspect my friend down the street would love this series. I'll email her a link to your review.

Though I know you're busy packing, I hope you and the kitties are having nice weekend!

Lesa said...

Aren't those dogs adorable, Beth? And, they're just as cute in the book. I hope your friend gets a chance to read Holly's series.