Saturday, December 08, 2012

ARC and Book Party

When I told friends at the library that I needed to get rid of a number of ARCs and books before I move, someone suggested a party to give them away. So, I had one yesterday. They brought the food for brunch, and, before even eating, they tore into the books. Thank heavens! We did take time to eat, but then they headed back to the book room.

Checking out the books

Working their way through the piles

The Loot!

The really did leave with boxes and bags of books. A couple friends took four boxes between them. Others took bags, and I even gave them extra bags. Then, I took collector plates right off the wall and handed them to a friend. Anything not to have to move things!

The remains (I'm still getting rid of these!)


Nancy said...

Lesa, someone could open up a mini-library with all those books. You know the roadside ones you see in pictures - converted telephone booths, etc. It's a good thing to have these pictures. It pained me to give many of my books away. The last time I did that I took a few pictures. I don't really look at the pictures, but I felt better somehow, about it. You're such a generous person.

Lesa said...

Mini-library! That's a great idea, Nancy. I'm going to take a few of the books to a co-worker who has a mini-library. Actually, I have a few places those leftover books can go, but it just takes time to get rid of them. And, I feel bad saying "get rid of" books! I really want them to have good homes. (smile)

bermudaonion said...

What time should I be there to go through the remainders?

Carol N Wong said...

I used to donate all my ARCS to a library in my area. They had a monthly giveaway and were so happy to get them.

But now I have a book buddy at my dermatologist office. I have light treatments once a week so she gets an ARC a week. I told that they cannot be sold but can be given away. Now those books are circulating through the whole office!

Gee the remains pile looks so tempting.

Lesa said...

Kathy & Carol,

You two would be welcome anytime to go through the remains.

Jane R said...

Oh, I'm terrible when it comes to getting rid of books. I have to do it in small increments and it's never very many at a time. I usually donate them to Goodwill, but, a book party sounds like fun. I'd love to hear comments and see what people pick out. Even though I'm not moving (not yet, anyway) I may take your idea and run with it!

Karen C said...

What a great idea! Friends, food and books - doesn't get any better.

Lesa said...

You're both right! Loved the book party. I may have to do it again sometime, and NOT move!

Diane said...

Help!! I have three grandaughters 12-16 who are voracious readers of all sorts of books. Need some recently published books or a good place to look for good ideas. Older one has been reading adult books for awhile.

Thanks, if you have the time during this busy move of yours.