Monday, November 12, 2012

The Christmas Pony by Melody Carlson

Readers who wish they could see Christmas through the eyes of a child have the chance with Melody Carlson's The Christmas Pony. Carlson takes us back to northern Arizona in 1937, to show us struggling families still coping with the Depression. Eight-year-old Lucy Turnbull is our guide to this charming story of one Christmas.

Lucy's mother and grandmother aren't happy that she's praying for a pony for Christmas. She has her eyes on Smoky, the little grey pony on a nearby farm. But, her widowed mother tells her they can't afford to feed a pony. She'd be better off praying for boarders who might help them keep food on their own table. So, Lucy prays for roomers, although her heart still yearns for that pony.

Maybe one of Lucy's prayers will come true. While running errands, she comes across a young couple stranded in town because the man's car broke down. Veronica Grant is the most beautiful woman Lucy ever saw, and she isn't surprised she's heading to California to become a movie star. She caught a ride with George Prescott on her way west, an encounter that will change lives. Suddenly, Lucy's mother has two unexpected boarders.

Once again, Carlson tells of a struggling family at Christmastime. She always manages to incorporate prayer, hope, and caring people in her Christmas stories. The Christmas Pony is a warm story of a little girl's dreams.

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The Christmas Pony by Melody Carlson. Revell. 2012. ISBN 9780800719272 (hardcover), 169p.

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Beth Hoffman said...

This book sounds perfect for someone on my Christmas list. Thanks, Lesa! You so often solve my gift-giving dilemmas! LOL

Lesa said...

Thank you, Beth! I love it that I give you gift ideas. I bet you've already read the book I'm reviewing tomorrow, The Meryl Streep Movie Club.

Rosemary said...

Lesa, that sounds like a lovely gentle read - which will be a great antidote to the stuff I am reading for other purposes at the moment.

I haven't read the Meryl Streey book - never even heard of it! Am enjoying Sunshine on Scotland Street at the moment (another escape from the stuff I'm supposed to be doing...)

Thanks for keeping us all up to date so well,


Karen C said...

While these are wonderful stories at any time of year, I do enjoy reading them during the holidays. Another one on the list.