Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mitstletoe, Merriment, and Murder by Sara Rosett

Poor Ellie Avery. There really is very little merriment for her in Sara Rosett's latest mystery, Mistletoe, Merriment, and Murder. Once she finds a body, she becomes the primary suspect in a murder. And, it can certainly be tough to try to keep a family schedule, a work schedule, and try to find a killer at Christmastime.

In the middle of preparation for her children's Christmas pageant, and family time before her husband, Mitch, an air force pilot, was deployed, Ellie agreed to act as a substitute host for the squadron wives' Christmas party and white elephant exchange. It was an innocent decision, but it went wrong quickly when Ellie's competition for professional organizing jobs showed up at the party, and the two had an argument. Ellie's attempt at an apology ended when she found a body, and quickly became the number one suspect. It seems a certain detective with the sheriff's department doesn't appreciate Ellie's involvement in murder investigations, and suspects she finally went too far.

Ellie Avery has always been one of my favorite amateur sleuths. Rosett's experience as an Air Force wife is essential in building the background and family life for the Averys. From the very beginning, Rosett has succeeded where other authors sometimes fail. Ellie's home life is essential to the story, and she doesn't ignore her family, or allow their safety to be threatened so she can investigate a murder. At times, the family is threatened, but it's due to a killer, not Ellie's carelessness or neglect.

In Mistletoe, Merriment, and Murder, Ellie might be a murder suspect, but she's an amateur sleuth with a strong support network, beginning with her husband and her best friend, Abby. As always though, it's Ellie's attention to detail as an organizer, and her knowledge of the squadron, that gets her into trouble. For somewhere in the story of the squadron wives, the break-ins while husbands are deployed or out of town, and the background of the close-knit squadron, is the answer to the mystery. If Ellie Avery isn't the killer, someone else is. And, once again, Sara Rosett skillfully brings together squadron life and an amateur sleuth in Mistletoe, Merriment, and Murder.

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Mistletoe, Merriment, and Murder by Sara Rosett. Kensington Books. 2012. ISBN 9780758249218 (paperback), 320p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The author sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.


Kimberlee said...

Sounds like a great read. I'll have to check it out.


Lesa said...

As I said, Kimberlee, I really like the amateur sleuth in this series. I hope you do, too!

Karen C said...

I think this sounds like a fun read - on the list! Thanks,Lesa

Anonymous said...

Me, too. I got an e-book of hers for a low price so that I could try out her series. In a way, I feel like I just did. She sounds like a competent mother, wife, friend, and protector all in whatever proportions are required. No wallowing willow here. I'm looking to reading it.

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Karen! Thank you, Sandie. That's such a good summary! I hope you enjoy it!

Jane R said...

Another author who has ben languishing on my book list. I think it might be time for me to revamp that list a bit. Thanks for the review. It does sound like a good series and the character is definitely appealing.

Sara Rosett said...

Hi Lesa! I missed this post during a busy weekend. Thanks for the review. Hope you have a nice holiday season! :)

Lesa said...


It's about time you revamped that list, considering how many books & authors I've suggested. (grin) You're welcome.

Lesa said...

Hi Sara!

It was about time I got that review posted. I loved Ellie, as always.