Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sandie's Elevator Chat - E-books, part 2

I want to include a brief follow up to my last elevator pitch, since the elevator started all of a sudden, and I just hit send on the computer without proofing!  So here’s what was left out…

Many authors are writing 30-40 page short stories and then selling them as e-books.  Tess Gerritsen wrote FREAKS:  A RIZZOLI & ISLES SHORT STORY in 2011, releasing one chapter at a time when the TNT series “Rizzoli & Isles” first aired.  A serial short story, free to all, and announced at least once during each TV episode. It was included in the network’s website for the show. Then in 2012 FREAKS was published all together as an e-book and cost $0.00.  FREAKS was included as “bonus material” in several of her novels now available in e-book format.  Gerritsen wrote another short story in 2012:  JOHN DOE:  A RIZZOLI & ISLES SHORT STORY, but this one currently costs $1.99.  (A bargain in my opinion)

As I learned about these e-shorts, a piece of me got defensive when one of the first reviews on criticizes the short 39 page length of JOHN DOE.  I wanted the whole story about this, so I bought JOHN DOE and read it.  I posted back to with the following:

5.0 out of 5 stars A different side to Maura Isles, August 16, 2012
This review is from: John Doe: A Rizzoli & Isles Short Story (Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles) (Kindle Edition)
Please note that this is a short story ... and wow! What a good one. Tess manages to get all the crucial data into this story that is full of suspense and tension. I suppose it works on a different level because it follows in a series where we already know the main characters, so Tess doesn't need to establish who they are again. It gives her a lot more freedom to explore a different side of the characters and shows us a different side of the chief medical examiner Maura Isles.

We have a new virtual medium being formed and shaped into new things that will hopefully benefit author and reader.  So far I’ve been happy with I’ve gotten for free or very low cost.  I’ve been introduced to authors both new to me and authors where I’ve read entire series. 

PS  And hey – did y’all know that Abigail Padgett is back??  Actually she published a book on Valentine’s Day, 2011 titled BONE BLIND.  I’m a long time fan, so I don’t know how this got by me.  I learned about it because on the day I bought it, it cost zero on  The normal cover price is $13.87.  I also found her first Bo Bradley book CHILD OF SILENCE, and the remainder of the series priced at just $2.99 each. 

I can attest personally that the practice of authors and/or publishers lowering the price of an e-book to get consumer attention works!  Plus I’ve got a great new book to read.


Surendra Parihar said...

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Karen C said...

I agree with you, Sandie. I've gotten some really good e-books at a free/reduced rate and have then gone back to purchase previous/subsequent books.

Sandie Herron said...


I feel the need to correct your impression of our "elevator chats". It was simply a term we came up with to convey a short and a bit rushed conversation people might have waiting for the elevator at say, Bouchercon, or while holding the elevator open to finish your conversation. It is a way that we can convey information as opposed to straight reviews to our readers. We have fun presenting it in that context as well.

We are presenting information, not try to convert anyone into customers, since we don't have anything to sell.

Sandie Herron

Sandie Herron said...


I'm glad you've found the same fun as I have in trying all sorts of authors that I wouldn't do if I had to buy their books at full price.


Karen D. said...

I agree that this is a terrific idea
(E-books, part 2). Sometimes, it
is hard to accept new presentations,
even when, as is the case here, the
cost is less and the benefit is to both
author and reader.

Speaking of terrific ideas, I am enjoying
Sandie's Elevator Chats ("foot in the
door"--let me tell you about what I
just read)! Some reviews are too
short and some reviews are too
long but Sandie's are just right!

Thank you, Sandie!

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