Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Notes from My Cat Sitter

I thought you might appreciate one day of notes from my wonderful cat and house sitter, Anna.

Stormy treated me to the full-on "I will dance on you and nibble your hand until you get up and feed me" treatment at 4am this morning. Fortunately, she's cute enough to get away with it, and she has no claws.

Also, I have learned a few things about Jinx:

1. If you're eating Ritz crackers, and drop a small piece by accident, he will pounce on it and play with it and finally devour it with relish (figurative relish, not actual chopped pickle relish).

2.  If you then actually offer him another small piece of said cracker, he will turn up his nose at it and stalk away. 

3.  If you're eating Cheerios, and accidentally drop one so that it rolls under the fridge, Jinx will go into unnatural contortions trying desperately to swipe it back out with a paw.

4.  If you then try to just give him a Cheerio, he will scorn it as an uninteresting object and return to contorting himself under the fridge to retrieve the lint-embedded Cheerio.

5.  If you try to apply makeup while dodging Jinx bouncing around on the counter, the odds are good that you will end up dropping an entire tin of eyebrow powder and spend an unplanned half hour scrubbing it out of the counter and tiles.

6.  If you then close the bathroom door on a subsequent morning to prevent further powder-related accidents, he will fling himself at the door with many a plaintive miaow because surely there must be something fun happening in there.

7.  If you then try to type an email, as I'm doing right now, he will stand on the computer and head-butt you for the snuggles he is owed as an apology for being shut out of the bathroom.

8.  Typing accurately with one hand because your other hand is occupied by a cat is not easy.


bermudaonion said...

It sounds like you have a great cat sitter!

Lesa said...

I have the BEST cat sitter, Kathy. She loves my cats, and enjoys moving in to take care of them.

Sandra said...

So funny - those cats have us trained!

donna said...

Best post ever! I totally relate to her comments - they all have unique personalities. People that don't have cats don't realize what they are missing!
Donna from CT

Carol N Wong said...

You probably won't believe this but my cockatiels act the same way about Ritz crackers and cheerios. Also, instead of standing on the computer, my Squeaky will jump on the screen of my laptop and sit facing away from me.

I love, love, love your cats but most of all my birds.

Ingrid King said...

Your cat sitter sounds amazing! How nice to get an e-mail like this when you're away from your cats.

Anonymous said...


I loved hearing about Jinx's antics. They sound so very familiar. I especially like #8, because lately my youngest, Fender, has taken to sitting next to me on the desk when I use the computer. As my right hand drifts to the mouse which is between us, boom! Head-butt. Plaintive looks, rolling on his side so I can reach under his chin, and if I haven't responded by now, I am shunned for at least an afternoon.

Aren't you glad your cat is normal?


Lesa said...

I think that's funny. Best post ever! And, it's not about books, and I didn't write it. But, Anna is terrific. And Jinx is my clown prince. He's the funny one of the cats. I'm so glad everyone enjoyed his antics.

Jane R said...

What a great email to receive while you're out of town. Love Anna's descriptions.... she's a treasure. Thanks for sharing.

Lesa said...

Jane, You are so right. Anna really is a treasure. She loves my cats, has a great sense of humor & a wry way of writing.

Janet Rudolph said...

Love this... Topper was the house sitter this time... he doesn't comment on cats. :-)

Lesa said...

Thanks, Janet. Anna is the best writer.

Avery Aames a.k.a. Daryl Wood Gerber said...

How adorable! I love the head-butting for snuggles.

~Avery aka Daryl

Karen C said...

It is so much easier to travel when you know you have someone like Anna taking care of your 'family'!

Lesa said...

It is a lot easier to travel, knowing she's with the cats.