Sunday, October 28, 2012

Life at the Sherer's

John and Talia Sherer put me up at their apartment in Chapel Hill, North Carolina while I was in town for two days of assessment for a library job. Talia is the Director of Library Marketing and National Accounts Manager for Macmillan, and John is the Director of University of North Carolina Press. So, what's it like to be a guest in the Sherer household?

You never know where you'll stumble across books when visiting these two.

While walking the UNC campus my first night in town, we came across this book art between two rocks.

And, Talia? Who knew her love of dessert and her love of thrillers intersects in cupcakes?

And, she's willing to take a visitor a few miles to find a wonderful lunch. Check this out - Crunchy Baked Potato Soup.

John and Talia know all kinds of terrific places in the area to eat. We had hamburgers at Spanky's on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. One night, we went to Carrboro to an Italian restaurant called Panzanella, where they pride themselves on a seasonal menu with local produce. (Talia can eat an entire pizza by herself.)

Talia and I drove to Pittsboro to Fearrington Village, and had lunch at The Fearrington Granary.

My terrific lunch with the Crunchy Baked Potato Soup was from The Fearrington Granary. And, my last night in Chapel Hill, we ordered in from the Mediterranean Deli.

Talia loves animals, every animal except one nasty dog that once attacked her. She gave me three books about animals to read while I was visiting. She said I had to see the Belted Galloways, the cattle at Fearrington Village.

If you want roommates to keep you company at the Sherer's, Talia MIGHT let you share a room with Shmackies or Marcie.


Shmackies' Favorite Spot

Marcie in the sunshine

Here's my roommate, Marcie, on the bed.

Marcie and I had a view from our room in the Southernmost Motel in Chapel Hill.

Books, food, animals. It's all a treat with John and Talia. But, when it comes right down to it, what's better than a trip to an independent bookstore for two book lovers? Talia took me to McIntyre's Books, an inviting bookstore in Fearrington Village.

The Library at McIntyre's Books
John & Talia Sherer make friends feel welcome - good food, animals, and of course, plenty of books. And, if you're very lucky, you'll get to pick a book or two from Talia's own stash in her work area - her book nook.

If you're heading to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, I'd recommend a visit with two hard-working book lovers, who also happen to be terrific guides. I'm sure John and Talia Sherer will make you feel welcome at their personal Southernmost Motel in Chapel Hill.

Addendum - As much as Talia likes food, she's not the cook in the family. John made us Dutch Babies before I left on Saturday. Check out these works of art.

Dutch Baby in the oven

Dutch Baby just out of the oven

My half of the Dutch Baby

As I said, wonderful hosts who treat guests royally. Thank you, John, Talia, Shmackies and Marcie.


Sandy Shaw said...

I like your blog post. Keep on writing this type of great stuff. I'll make sure to follow up on your blog in the future.
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Nancy said...

You packed a lot in for those two days and all of it wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Lesa.

Lesa said...

Thank you, Sandy.

Lesa said...

Nancy, I have high-energy friends who can pack a lot into 2 days.

Rosemary said...

What a wonderful trip Lesa! I would love to see all those places - the bookshop made me think of the one in Louise Penny's novels.

When do you hear about the job?

Hope you got home before the storm,


Beth Hoffman said...

What a great post, Lesa. And the pics made me feel like I was right there with you!

Anonymous said...

As Talia's (one and only) sister, it warms my heart to know that others experience the Sherer hospitality the same way I do! I like to call it "Spa Sherer."

Lesa said...

Made it home safely, Rosemary, and headed then for the west coast. Pictures of that trip on Saturday! I heard already that they'd like me to do a SKYPE interview sometime next week. Thank you!

Lesa said...

Maybe we will be there together someday, Beth! Who knows?

Lesa said...

Talia's sister - That Sherer hospitality is just wonderful. They are two very special people.

Ingrid King said...

Oh, two torties as roommates - how lucky can one person get ;-)! It sounds like you had a wonderful stay at the Sherers.

Pat Browning said...

Lesa, thanks for taking us along on your visit. I love the photos -- especially of the food. Yum! lol