Friday, October 26, 2012

I Am Maru by Mugumogu

Cat books are not only perfect gifts, they're ideal reading while dealing with stressful times in life. I did have time to read and laugh at these books, yesterday's book, and today's, I Am Maru by Mugumogu. In Japanese, Maru's name means "rounded shape," the perfect name for this celebrated Scotttish Fold cat.

Maru originally gained fame through the YouTube videos posted by his owner. "Intensive Training" is the #1 video of the group.

Now, in this book, Maru's owner tells about his life and playtime, in both English and Japanese. Maru is an enchanting cat. However, this book is difficult to review because it's the photos that capture the cat's personality. The author tells how the videos came about due to Maru's playfulness.

Honestly? The book is cute, but the videos are even better. I'd recommend watching the videos before deciding if you must have more information about Maru. The book is actually only for diehard Maru fans.

I Am Maru by Mugumogu. HarperCollins. 2011. ISBN 9780062088413 (hardcover), 96p.

FTC Full Disclosure - A friend loaned me a copy of the book.

And, to give equal time to the cats that belong to John & Talia Sherer, here's Shmackies, one of my current roommates in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Libby Dodd said...

Maru is, indeed, a rounded shape. But a Scottish Fold? His ears don't fold.

BPL Ref said...

He is indeed a Scottish fold. Not all Scottish folds have folded ears, but they're vital to the breeding program as the same gene that controls the ears can also cause skeletal abnormalities. He does have the other Scottish fold characteristics: round face, round eyes, round body. Only the folded eared cats are eligible for the show ring, though.

I agree about the book. I bought a copy, but I don't think anyone who didn't already know Maru would particularly enjoy the book.

Lesa said...

Everything BPL Ref said about the book is right. I agree with her opinion. And, she's even more knowledgeable about Scottish Folds than I am, although I did know Maru was one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your opinion on Maru's book. I've seen his videos, and he's playful and smart. I wonder sometimes who is training who!

Lesa said...

Oh, Maru is definitely training his owner. She tries various toys, but he picks his favorites. It's obvious, Sandie, that he's doing the training.

Nancy said...

Maru is quite the character. I've had fun watching the videos, which I believe you've shared on Facebook, Lesa.
Shmackers is a lovely cat, too!

Ingrid King said...

Never mind Maru (not that I don't like him) - Shmackies is gorgeous!