Friday, September 07, 2012

Sandie's Chat from the Elevator

If you've been reading my blog long enough, you're familiar with Sandie Herron. Sandie is a book reviewer, and former bookstore owner, and a friend. Sandie was going to do reviews here once in a while, but her health issues have made that very difficult. I admire Sandie. Despite her struggles with her health, she continues to keep up with mystery news and the authors. She just hasn't been able to write those book reviews. I'm not going into detail as to Sandie's health. Let me just say, she has so much grit and determination.

Sandie and I have been talking about what she could do to stay involved in the book world. Knowing she keeps up with the mystery authors and their latest books, I suggested she write elevator pitches. Pitch those books to us. Tell us why we should care. Go back to her bookselling days. Why should we want to read a book? She can do it in just a paragraph, and I'll run it when she has one.

Sandie has wonderful ideas for pieces that I wouldn't write. She reads different books than I do. I'm still going to continue to write this blog. But, once in a while, you'll get a piece from Sandie. Sometimes, if she talks to an author, it might be Sandie's Chat in the Elevator with ... If she has a paragraph about a book, it might be Sandie's Chat from the Elevator. She's going to play with that idea of elevator speeches.

So, here's Sandie's first Chat from the Elevator.


One of my favorite authors is back in Trickster's Point as Cork O'Connor continues to try and find his place and contribution in life. His struggle is that of every man, but author William Kent Krueger has gone deep into the subject (without making it obvious) ever since book one of this many-awarded series. If you ever have the chance to see a book trailer Krueger has narrated himself, don't miss it. Once you see him in the stunning scenery and then hear his voice describing the lakes of the stunning cold north, you'll never forget what picturesque country exists in northern Minnesota. You'll never forget it when a person is defiled in that beautiful country, leaving it up to Cork O'Connor to investigate and put right, if he can. All around, a straight-across-the-board 5 stars.

Welcome back, Sandie. I hope you provide us with pieces of news from the mystery field, short elevator pitches for the books and authors you love, and chats once in a while with an author. I'm looking forward to future chats from the elevator.


Anonymous said...

What a nice feature and I'll definitely enjoy reading whatever Sandie would like to share with us! I love William Ken Krueger's series. I'm not caught up on it - it's long - but I think this may be one that I skip to the end and perhaps fill in the middle later. Thanks for the reminder that this new Cork O'Connor book is here. :-)

Lesa said...

Thanks, Kay. I hope Sandie can supply an occasional piece and keep us updated.

Cleo Coyle said...

Elevator pitches - brilliant idea. Sending good thoughts/good karma Sandie's way. Looking forward to her ongoing recommendations, as well. Great one today with Krueger. (Off to look for his book trailer now, as she suggests!) ~ Cleo

Lesa said...

I couldn't find a book trailer for this particular one, or I would have included it.

Thanks! My idea to give her something short to pitch to readers.

I'm looking forward to her recommendations, too, Cleo. Thank you!

Jane R said...

Great addition to your blog, Lesa. I'll be looking for Sandie's elevator comments and conversations in the future. Love the name, describing quick blubs and comments... just like in an elevator. Now to hunt down this author she's recommended!

Lesa said...

Thank you, Jane! Sandie normally goes on line late in the evening. She'll be very pleased with that comment!

Anonymous said...

Yes Lesa, I AM pleased with Jane's comments as well as Cleo's and Kay's. I love this opportunity you've given me. I guess you like what I write since you keep finding ways to invite me back! :)

Lesa and I have known each other quite a number of years. She knew me when I had my own bookstore - A Novel Idea. I always had a catalog in the works, and I enjoyed handselling in it or in person. I particularly enjoyed those comments one would share with a friend at Bouchercon or other conference before a workshop, in a lecture, or waiting for the elevator. Knowing that I can "talk books" all day long, I'll try to corrall some of those comments, especially current ones.

Now that I've raised your curiosity in Kent Krueger's books, you'd probably enjoy a trip to his website that gives a further summary of TRICKSTER'S POINT and his upcoming huge signing tour for it.

That book trailer I talk about is also on his website at, and you'll find it by the info for NORTHWEST ANGLE, his last book.

Thank you for the warm welcome ... again.

Lesa said...

Always good to have you here, Sandie.

Robert Fate said...

Lesa - Great idea. Terrific execution. Perfect person for the job. Looking forward to more.
Thanks, Bob Fate

ray thor said...

Elevator marketing (a great idea)... What's next? Talking grocery carts and stop signs ...? It all sounds good to me.

Lesa: As a library manager, do you think that www's enormous information data storage will send libraries and enclyclopedias the way of the blacksmiths?

Could I get you to review my ebooks on KINDLE: BLOODGUILTY (fact/fiction thriller), and SPOOKY MOON STORIES (written for my grandchildren and young adults)? Click on link:

Karen C said...

Love the idea of the Chat from the Elevator and this first chat was a good one; have to add to the TBR. Sending good wishes your way, Sandie

Lesa said...

Thanks, Bob & Karen! Appreciate it. Yes, I agree. She's the perfect person for it. And, she already has a follow-up ready for me.

Anonymous said...

Karen, Thank you so much for enjoying this first "chat while running to the elevator" or "chat with foot between elevator doors" or, well, I think you got our meaning!

Thank you so much for the good wishes as well.
Sandie Herron