Sunday, September 02, 2012

October Hot Titles

What a list of October book releases! Wait until you see all the forthcoming books.

"Sister" Jane returns in Rita Mae Brown's Fox Tracks. Hunt clubs from all over North American gather for their annual gala in Manhattan, while a bizarre string of murders sweep the East Coast. "Sister" Jane, her boyfriend, Gray, and a bevy of four-legged friends investigate.

The latest Elm Creek Quilt novel by Jennifer Chiaverini is The Giving Quilt.Every year, one week after Thanksgiving, the citizens of Elm Creek Manor get together to offer yet another form of thanks in the form of a quilt.

Patricia Cornwell's new Kay Scarpetta novel is Bone Bed. When an eminent paleontologist goes missing from a dinosaur dig, Boston Harbor gives up a body, and other unsolved cases pop up, Kay Scarpetta has her work cut out for her. She just doesn't know who she can trust.

In Nelson DeMille's Panther, Anti-Terrorist Task Force agent John Corey and his wife, FBi agent Kate Mayfield, are in Yemen trying to track down an Al Qaeda operative known as The Panther. They just don't know the hunters are about to become the hunted.

Louise Erdrich returns to familiar territory with Round House. When an Ojibwe woman living on a reservation is attacked, she refuses to give details to anyone, the police, the tribal judge or her family. When she slips into depression, her husband and son search for the attacker's identity and motives.

Dark Storm is the new Carpathian novel by Christine Feehan. Dax awakens 500 years after being alive in a volcano in the Carpathian Mountains, knowing the world has changed, but fearing his mortal enemy is alive as well.

Thursday Next is supposed to be recuperating after an attempt on her life. But, Bookworld's leading enforcement officer is dragged into her children's problematic lives, and Bookworld insists they need her to hunt down Pagerunners in Jasper Fforde's The Woman Who Died a Lot.

Felix Francis continues his father's books with Dick Francis's Bloodline. When race-caller Mark Shillingford's twin sister Clare loses a horse race she could have won, he accuses her of losing on purpose. Hours later she is dead after apparently jumping to her death. Mark takes on the investigation.

John Grisham also has an October release, The Racketeer. Judge Raymond Fogeltree was the fifth federal judge to murdered in the history of the country. The narrator, a lawyer who is in prison, claims to know who killed the unfortunate judge and why.

Joanne Harris, the bestselling author of Chocolat, brings Vianne back to Lansquenet in Peaches for Father  Francis. Vianne receives a letter from beyond the grave, and she returns to the beautiful French village in which she opened a chocolate shop eight years earlier. Returning to one's past can be dangerous, but Vianne knows there's nothing that chocolate and a little magic can't help.

Fans of bounty hunter and witch Rachel Morgan can now appreciate Kim Harrison's Into the Woods, a collection of short stories published together in this volume for the first time. It also features an original Hollows novel.

In Susan Isaacs' Goldberg Variations, Gloria Garrison is 79, and has to plan for the future of her Santa Fe-based beauty makeover business, that has grown into an 11 million-a-year success. She's never been big on family, but now has to consider her three grandchildren as possible candidates.

Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan returns in Iris Johansen's Sleep No More. Her mother needs her help in finding a missing woman who disappeared from a mental hospital. Eve is quite shocked when she learns the missing woman's identity.

Live By Night is Dennis Lehane's latest novel. Joe Coughlin, the son of a Boston cop is working for the city's foremost Irish mobster. During a hold-up, he meets Emma Gould, the mistress of Albert, a gangster who has just overtaken Joe's old boss. Betrayal and bloodshed lead Emma to a decision to run away with Joe.

Were you expecting a James Patterson novel for October? This time, he partners with Marshall Karp for NYPD Red. When Hollywood stars and executives arrive in New York for a film festival, the NYPD Red special task force is called to duty. When a producer is poisoned, Detectives Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald are assigned the case. But, before they can solve the crime, two more dead stars are found, and the city erupts into chaos.

Virgil Flowers is John Sandford's protagonist in Mad River. Two teenagers who envision themselves as the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde go on a killing rampage with a friend. When they record their acts on their cell phones, and send the pictures to a local TV station, Virgil Flowers joins other police in the hunt.

They may not be hot authors yet, but I'm looking forward to a couple debuts in October. Ironskin is by Tina Connolly. Jane wears an iron mask to hide her scar. She takes a job as a governess, certain the child is fey-curses and that she can help. It's hard enough to teach the child without falling for the child's father.

Andrew Hunt's City of Saints is set in Salt Lake City. Deputy Art Oveson investigates when a socialite turns up dead. He and his partner initiate a search that takes them into the dark underbelly of the city, a place rife with blackmail, corruption, and murder.

And, this time of year, it wouldn't be a hot title list without a few Christmas titles. Winter Dream is by Richard Paul Evans. This one is based on the Old Testament story of Joseph and his coat of many colors. Joe is forced out of the family business by his jealous siblings. Moving on to another company, he becomes chief adviser to the CEO. But, when the economy turns, Joe's siblings need his help to save the family business.

Karen Kingsbury's Christmas story is Bridge. Molly lives in Portland, but her heart is in Tennessee, where Ryan Kelly lives. Ryan spends a lot of time at a historic bookstore called "The Bridge". The store is now in financial trouble as a result of the economy, a series of weather-related events, and an act of vandalism. By Christmastime, things look dismal for the store's owners until the miracles begin to unfold.

Debbie Macomber brings back Shirley, Goodness and Mercy in Angels at the Table. Last New Year's Eve, the angels were working with an apprentice angel, Will, in Times Square when Will decided to bring two lonely strangers together at midnight. They fell in love, but now they're apart. Nearly a year later, the angels decide to reunite the pair at Christmastime.

Anne Perry offers her annual Christmas story, Christmas Garland. Victor Narraway's first assignment is to go to India and defend a British medical orderly accused of murder. Victor worries that his inexperience could cost the man his life, but with the help of two small children, a Christmas garland, and some good detective work, he gets a miracle.

Walnut Tree is Charles Todd's Christmas novella. A pampered British woman was trapped at the port of Calais when the Germans invade France. Wounded men are everywhere, and Lady Elspeth does everything she can do to help until she is put on a ship home. Back home, haunted by the experience and the captain who assisted her, she enters a nurses' training program.

Christmas stories, debut novels, and bestselling authors make October a wonderful month for readers. What books are you anticipating?


Jane R said...

Another great list, Lesa! I've added several titles to my book list. I've always been a Grisham fan (through good and bad) so will definitely be reading his new book. Dick Francis has been another favorite of mine and glad to see his son is continuing his father's books. Joanne Harris is new to me and I'd like to read her series as well. Looks like it will be a busy fall!

SandyG265 said...

I'm looking foward to The Chocolate Moose Motive by JoAnna Carl

Karen C said...

You are definitely bad for me! There are so many good ones on this list, and yes, several have made it to my list, too. Darn it.

Lesa said...

Oh, good, Jane. I'm glad I could tell you about a few of the forthcoming books that might interest you!

Lesa said...
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Lesa said...

That's why I like readers' comments, Sandy. You can mention books I haven't noticed. Thanks!

Lesa said...

I'm afraid I can't apologize for that, Karen. I'm happy to be adding to the TBR pile.

Anonymous said...

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