Wednesday, August 01, 2012

One Day of Help for Kevin Tipple

Thank you! By the time I came home from work tonight, people had given enough to get Kevin's needed total over the top. Thank you!

I've never done this before, asked for help for someone on my blog. Kevin Tipple is an online friend of mine, a fellow blogger and book reviewer. I've never met Kevin, but over the last year, I've watched him struggle with serious health issues. His wife's have been even worse. Each month, he worries about where the money for rent, utilties and medicine is going to come from for him and his family.

Kevin's hoping things will look better for him next month. But, we have one more day to help him out. One of Jim's online friends in Great Britain gave up his Starbucks for today, and contributed that money.

Please, no one needs to feel obligated to help. But, if you can spare a few dollars by the end of today, it would take care of this month's needs. As of 12:08 PT, he only needs another $148.

Kevin doesn't know I'm writing this, and he didn't ask me to write. He's a proud man who is going through a rough time. Many of us have been through rough patches.

If you're interested in joining me by giving a few dollars, go to Kevin's website at:  Check on the left side of the page, under Donations Desperately Needed.

And, thank you.


Beth Hoffman said...

Consider it done, Lesa! xo

Lesa said...

Thank you, Beth.