Saturday, July 14, 2012

Poisoned Pen's Annual Conference

Poisoned Pen Bookstore held their annual conference at the Arizona Biltmore this week. I'll be blogging about the programs off and on in the coming weeks because there were so many terrific programs. Today, I'll just do pictures. (I didn't get home from the Friday event until 7:45, so there wasn't a lot of time to blog.) And, I have to admit some of the pictures aren't the best. The lighting in the rooms at the Biltmore isn't the best for photos.

Thursday night, the event was kicked off when Barbara Peters, owner of the Poisoned Pen, interviewed Joseph Kanon and Linda Fairstein. Kanon's latest book is Istanbul Passage, and Fairstein's is Night Watch.

Joseoph Kanon, Barbara Peters, Linda Fairstein

Friday's program was a day-long event called "Experience the Exotic". Alex Kava discussed her new book, Fireproof, while Jesse Kellerman discussed his thriller, The Potboiler..

I had already read and reviewed Francine Mathews' wonderful book, Jack 1939, so it was a pleasure to meet her. Dana Stabenow, the luncheon speaker, is the author of Restless in the Grave.

Francine Mathews, Me, Dana Stabenow

Howard Anderson, a D.A. in New Mexico, is a debut author. His novel, Albert of Adelaide, is about a platypus. The book is quite popular in Australia.
Howard Anderson

And, I finally got to meet Tim Hallinan! I've followed his comments on DorothyL for years. His latest Poke Rafferty novel is The Fear Artist.

Mark DeCastrique, author of The 13th Target, and Martin Limon, author of The Joy Brigade, also spoke at Friday's conference, but my pictures didn't turn out. (The room was quite dark for pictures.)

Terrific programs, so there's lots to talk about in coming days. And, it was fun to spend the day at the table with Chantelle Osman from Sirens of Suspense and Gaye from Inside a Book. I didn't sit with Cathy from Kittling:: Books today, as I did at Cozy Con, but did stop over to say hi.What's any better than a room full of mystery writers and readers?


Harvee Lau said...

Nice to see some of the authors! Sounds like a great time!

Lesa said...

Long day on Friday, Harvee, but it was a terrific day. Fun & interesting.

Karen C said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Did you get to speak with Linda Fairstein?

Lesa said...

I did, Karen, just for a minute. I re-introduced myself, and she hugged me, thanked me for the review, and gave me a book with special note in it. She's so nice.