Friday, July 13, 2012

Fred's Freekin Awesome Sauces

I'm at the Arizona Biltmore today at the Poisoned Pen's annual conference, so no book blog. But, a Fred blog!

Remember my niece Elizabeth's pet pygmy goat, Fred? This picture is from a couple years ago, Elizabeth, Fred, and me. Fred's now a corporate symbol!

Elizabeth and her father are marketing "Fred's Freekin Awesome Sauces" for marinades and grilling. Elizabeth's older brother, Ben, had sold it at one time as Gentle Ben's BBQ Sauce. It's been repackaged and renamed. Fred's has been quite popular in northern Ohio. (I think it's because of Fred's picture myself.)

Here's the statement on their website,

"FRED'S FREEKIN AWESOME SAUCES were originated to please BBQ people in the Midwest. The unique flavors combined with an extra thick sauce make grilling a flavor filled experience with most of the sauce remaining on the meat not in the grill or fire.
Made with more than 75% Ohio ingredients including; SORGHUM MOLASSES, RAW HONEY, JALAPENO PEPPERS and TOMATO products from Northwestern Ohio."

Everyone loved Elizabeth and Fred when I shared their stories before. Now, here's Fred's picture on the bottles of sauce.

Fred's not only a prize-winning pygmy goat (who is adorable), he's gone corporate. Way to go, Fred!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the publicity! Fred's Freekin Awesome Sauces are available in the original flavor, as well as Sweet, Jalapeno and Chipoltle. Soon to be released are Sweet and Savory and Teriyaki. Fred's is available in stores in Ohio in such cities as Bellevue, Willard, Monroeville, TIffin, Perrysburg, Toledo, Bucyrus, Crestline, Huron, Vermilion and more to come! We will get you a current picture of Fred soon. He will be appearing at 4-H and Junior Fair contests at the Sandusky County (Ohio) Fair at the end of August. Have a great day and enjoy the conference. Christie (aka Fred's "Grandma")

Lesa said...

Yes, but that current picture of Fred won't have me in it, Christie! Now that Fred is the company symbol, you'll have to keep him forever. I just love Fred.

Anonymous said...

I live in Norwalk Ohio and have been searching for this sauce for 2 years now. I got it in a gift box 2 years ago for Christmas, the Sandusky County Chamber of Commerce had locally grown/produced product in the box. I cannot find it in any stores. Where can I get it? Thank you