Wednesday, July 25, 2012

August Mysteries from Penguin's Berkley Prime Crime & Obsidian

Cameos this month are by Stormy and Josh. Jinx showed up, and is behind the books for most of the book chat. Enjoy the cats and the chat!


Beth Hoffman said...

HA! ... your kitties just crack me up, they're such hams!

You made me laugh out loud when you said, "...had a beef with the outspoken dairy farmer." That was a great pun! LOL

Lesa said...


They are hams, aren't they, particularly Josh and Jinx. They just love being on camera.

Oh, I stole that line, but I'm glad you laughed.

Hugs, Beth!

Jane R said...

The kitties are so cute. Such naturals in front of the camera! They make your book reviews even more fun. It looks like lots of good books for the end of the summer. I've definitely found a few new titles. Thanks for the update!

Rosemary said...

Hi Lesa,

Unfortunately I couldn't get the sound to work on this (strange because it's working for everything else) - but I enjoyed seeing those feline stars!