Sunday, May 13, 2012

Read Local at Velma Teague

On Saturday, May 12, we hosted the first Read Local event at Velma Teague. You've heard of the campaigns to shop local and eat local. We invited authors from Glendale and the Valley to appear at the library to discuss and sign their small-press and self-published books. Seven authors appeared. They each had five minutes to pitch their books. Afterward, they took questions and sold and signed their books.

Thirty-two people were in the audience for the first event. Terrific audience for this first Read Local program, and they were very appreciative of the authors.

Check out the back row where a group of pirates from the Dread Pirate Fleet showed up to support fellow pirate and author, J.J.M. Czep of Glendale.

J.J.M. Czep is the author of Blackstrap's Ecstasy, a pirate adventure. The audience wanted to know why pirates, and she said she's active in the Dread Pirate Fleet, and tells the stories of her fellow pirates.

J.J. M. Czep pitches Blackstrap's Ecstasy as Ruth Douthitt listens.
 Ruth Douthitt of Phoenix wrote The Dragon Forest, the first in a fantasy series for children.

Ruth Douthitt talks about The Dragon Forest while J.J.M. Czep listens.

Lori Hines, who was at the library just a few weeks ago, returned to talk about her two mysteries, The Ancient Ones and Caves of the Watchers. The books are set in Arizona and the Four Corners. Lori is from Goodyear.

Lori Hines
 Andrew Means from Apache Junction is the author of a book that is popular in Glendale, Some Memories: Growing Up with Marty Robbins. Marty Robbins was from Glendale.

Andrew Means discusses his book while Lori Hines listens.

Maligned is the near-future thriller set in Arizona that Kathy Papajohn of Glendale wrote with her late husband.

Kathy Papajohn and Maligned
Wayne Patrick of Glendale also wrote a thriller, but The Silent War is a horror/thriller.

Wayne Patrick
Kris Tualla of Glendale is the author of six historical romances featuring Norwegian heroes.

Kris Tualla's Books
And, I'm going to be in touch with Kris. The audience had a number of questions for the authors about self-publishing. Kris Tualla offered to do a program for Velma Teague about self-publishing. Kris Tualla and I will be talking about that for the future.

Kris Tualla discusses her books
After the program, the audience lined up to talk to the authors and buy books. And, of course, take pictures with the pirates.

J.J.M. Czep and fellow pirates from the Dread Pirate Fleet
Just think, pirates here in Glendale. You never know what you'll see at a program at the Velma Teague Library.


Rosemary said...

Lesa, this looks like so much fun. I have taken the liberty of sending the link to our librarian here in Haddington, as this is just the sort of thing we've been talking about.

You are such an inspiration!

Hope your weather is better than ours.


PS Is there a search facility on your site? I would love to look up books I am reading to see if you ever reviewed them.

Kris Tualla said...

What a great idea and a receptive crowd! Thanks for the opportunity!

Kris Tualla

Lesa said...

Fantastic, Rosemary! I'm glad you liked the idea. Yes. there is a search feature, up on the top left of the page. Try it, and see if it works for you. I hope so!

I kidded my mom & told her I'm going to call myself an international library consultant, thanks to you!

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Kris, and I'll be back in touch!

Andrew Means said...

Thanks for the opportunity, Lesa. Quite apart from appreciating the exposure for myself, I found the event to be an education and very entertaining. I hope your colleagues in the library world catch on and duplicate!