Wednesday, May 02, 2012

June's Hot Titles

Yesterday, you saw the June book releases in my closet. Here are some other hot June releases. Is there something here that excites you?

I'm waiting for Linda Castillo's Gone Missing. It's Rumspringa in Ohio, the time when Amish teens are allowed to experience life without rules. When a body turns up, and a teenage girl goes missing, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is called in to assist state agent John Tomasetti with the investigation. They uncover links to cold cases that go back for years.

In Lincoln Child's Third Gate, explorer Porter Scone leads a team to uncover the tomb of a mythical god-king. One member of that team is searching for the truth behind the rumor that the chamber is curses.

Special Agent Kathryn Dance returns in Jeffery Deaver's XO. She has to keep a young country singer safe from a dangerous stalker.

Conviction is the latest in Robert Dugoni's David Sloane series. The lawyer takes his troubled son, Jake, on a camping trip. But the trip turns into a nightmare when Jake and a friend are caught vandalizing a store, and sentenced to six months in a county-owned wilderness detention camp that is not what it seems.

Janet Evanovich's Wicked Business is the latest Lizzy and Diesel novel. Elizabeth Tucker works in a bakery. Then one day, she meets Diesel, a man with unusual talents, and a mission only Lizzy can help him complete.

Dorothea Benton Frank takes readers back to Sullivan's Island in Porch Lights. TK faces tragedy and hope as a nurse in Iraq, but she's unprepared for the challenges in her life when her husband is killed in a car accident. She can't cope with her grief and her son, so she returns to her childhood home where her grandmother waits for her on Sullivan's Island.

Meg Gardiner also takes a character home in Ransom River. Rory Mackenzie reluctantly returns to serve on the jury of a high-profile murder case. An attack on the courthouse forces her to realize the skeletons in her past are connection to an unsolved case.

Bonefire of the Vanities by Carolyn Haines brings back P.I. Sarah Booth Delaney. She's on the trail of an unscrupulous medium who is trying to gain access to a billionaire's fortune by promising to reunite the woman with her dead child.

When a Chinese National working for an American-owned construction company is grabbed off the streets of Shanghai, Rutherford Risk, a firm specializing in the negotiation for, and recovery of hostages, is hired to get him back in Ridley Pearson's Risk Agent.

James Rollins' Bloodline is the latest Sigma Force novel. An American family feeling Somali pirates crashes into a jungle atoll, and discover they face something even worse. An experiment gone wrong has turned the island into the hunting grounds for a new form of life.

Unmarked Grave is the latest Bess Crawford mystery by Charles Todd. In the spring of 1918, the nurse is overwhelmed by the Spanish Flu epidemic that is killing millions. But, in the midst of war and disease, there's another killer. When Bess discovers the body of a murdered soldier, she's determined to find the killer.

So, which books appeal to you? And, what did I miss?


Rosemary said...

Lesa, I like the sound of 'An Unmarked Grave' and 'Gone Missing', will look out for those/

You must spend every spare minute of your day reading! Do your cats try to get between you and the pages? If I am reading in bed, one of mine climbs onto my chest and I have to hold the book up in the air to see it. She must be really uncomfortable (I am) but she'd rather that then miss out on any attention.

Ingrid King said...

I'm looking forward to the new Dorothea Benton Frank book - I love all her books.