Thursday, March 01, 2012

April Treasures in My Closet

I don't even want to think about April yet. My mother's visit will be over already. But, at least the April book releases give me something to look forward to after she leaves. I hope there is something here for you to anticipate reading.

Silenced is the third book in Allison Brennan's Lucy Kincaid series. Lucy was once attacked and almost killed by an online predator. Now, while she waits to begin her training at the FBI Academy, she continues to fight against cyber sex crimes. Her latest job is to discover who killed a high-priced call girl linked to a powerful Congressman.

Laura Crum features Gail McCarthy in her mysteries. In Barnstorming, Gail is thinking about resuming her career as a horse veterinarian. However, her plans take a turn when she's out riding and finds an equestrian shot dead. A friend of Gail's, Detective Jeri Ward, is in charge of the investigation, and Gail is drawn into it when a second rider is murdered.

Fiona MacGillivray and her bright eleven-year-old son, Angus, return in Vicki Delany's latest Klondike caper, Gold Mountain. Paul Sheridan, the henchman to an infamous gangster, inherits a map to the fabled Gold Mountain, where hills of gold are rumored to keep the heat from hot springs. He's determined to become the king of Gold Mountain, and plans to marry Fiona and make her his queen. Fiona needs a little help when Sheridan refuses to take no for an answer.

Geraldine Porter also teams up with a young person, her granddaughter, for help in Margaret Grace's latest mystery, Mix-up in Miniature. Gerry is thrilled to meet Varena Young, a bestselling author and miniatures enthusiast. When the woman offers a house from her collection for a library fund-raiser, Geraldine is even more pleased. So, when Varena is murdered, Gerry and her granddaughter, Maddie, search for answers in her past.

Iran, before and after the overthrow of the Shah, is the setting for Libby Fischer Hellmann's latest novel, A Bitter Veil. Anna fell in love with Nouri while they were both studying in Chicago, and she returned with him to his native Iran, where his wealthy family embraced her. Their married life began in 1978, but the world was turned upside down by the overthrow of the Shah, and the rise of the Islamic Republic. As Anna learns how difficult life is, with random arrests and torture, and restrictions on women, she realizes no one can be trusted, not even her husband. (Libby's book isn't due out until April, but she will be appearing for Authors @ The Teague on March 12, along with Rhys Bowen and Cara Black.)

The Investigation of Ariel Warning by Robert Kalich takes readers into a mystery and the world of identical twins. Adam and David Remler are connected in life and in business, owners of a film company. When a beautiful young woman, Ariel Warning, comes to work for them, she starts a relationship with David while secretly pursuing Adam. When Adam falls to temptation, he betrays his brother and himself. His journey to find the story behind the woman takes him to the Far East, and journey to find himself.

Jane Kirkpatrick's latest novel, Where Lilacs Still Bloom, is based on the life of Hulda Klager, the German immigrant and farm wife who started out trying to create an easy-peeling apple for her pies. Her interest in plant hybridization led her to lilacs in her Woodland, Washington gardens. But, a series of family tragedies, and floods threatened her lifetime work. Can one woman's gifts of beauty make a difference?

Viral is James Lilliefors' debut novel. Can two brothers,an investigative journalist and a rogue ex-CIA agent, stop a bioterrorist plot in remote areas of the Third World? A deadly virus is sweeping through impoverished areas of the world, and there's a plan behind it. Create a new, technologically advanced society by depopulating part of the world.

Rosamund Lupton brings us Afterwards, the story of a mother determined to save her family. Grace races towards a burning school, determined to rescue her children. The aftermath of the fire tears her family apart. That fire was no accident, and Grace's daughter may still be in danger. Grace is determined to discover the culprit, doing whatever it takes to save her family.

Jade de Jong returns in The Fallen, Jassy Mackenzie's third book in the Jade de Jong Investigation series. When Jade invites her policeman boyfriend on a scuba diving vacation in St. Lucia, she hopes to rebuild their relationship. He calls off their affair, but a gruesome murder at the idyllic resort forces them to work together to hunt for the killer.

What a gorgeous book cover! Susan Mallery's Barefoot Season take two troubled women home to Blackberry Island. Michelle Sanderson, an army vet returns to the Blackberry Island Inn to claim her inheritance and recover from the war. But, she finds Carly Williams there, once her best friend until a betrayal destroyed their friendship. Now, they must set aside their feelings in order to save the Inn from financial disaster.

Dora Levy Mossanen's The Last Romanov combines magical realism and intrigue with real-life detail in the story of Darya, a wise old beauty whose time spent with the Romanovs has haunted her entire life. Is she responsible for the ruthless execution of the Imperial family? Convinced that the Tsarevich survived, she sets on a quest to find the heir to the Russian throne so she can piece together her own broken life.

Joseph Olshan turns to a thriller, Cloudland, to tell a story based on his own experiences living in the Connecticut River Valley soon after a serial killer murdered six women in a few months. Catherine Winslow was once a reporter for the Washington Post, but now she writes a households hints column. Taking a walk up her road during a spring thaw, she discovers the body of a woman leaning against an apple tree, a woman who went missing in January. When Catherine teams up with a forensic psychiatrist and a local detective, she realizes some of her friends and acquaintances could be suspects.

And, the last treasure in my closet is Clea Simon's Cats Can't Shoot. Animal psychic Pru Marlowe s furious when she gets a call about a cat shooting. She's determined to care for the traumatized pet, until she learns the cat did the shooting, killing her owner with a rare pistol. Or did she? Since the white Persian won't answer her questions, Pru turns to other animals to learn the truth.

Is there something in my closet that appeals to you? If not, wait until tomorrow when I'll talk about April's other hot titles.


Inside A Book said...

WOW...more to tempt me. I just LOVE that Jane Kirkpatrick cover. Can I just frame that one in a frilly bedroom?!?!(If I had one!) I don't want to wish the month away but it is always nice to know there is more awaiting me. :)

Lesa said...

Isn't that a gorgeous cover? I had to pick that one as one to display. Sure! Go right ahead and frame it.

Clea Simon said...

Thanks for getting my "Cats Can't Shoot" onto your list! There's a "Grey Expectations" winging its way to you, too!