Sunday, March 18, 2012

The 39 Clues: Cahillls vs. Vespers, Book 3: The Dead of Night by Peter Lerangis

It's been a while since I read one of the books in The 39 Clues series. Amy and Dan Cahill are past The 39 Clues now, caught up in a battle between the Cahills and Vespers. Book three in the new series is Peter Lerangis' The Dead of Night, another fast-paced adventure for readers nine to twelve.

Readers can catch up with them in Turkey, as they attempt to rescue Dan's best friend, Atticus Rosenbloom, a genius who is the last of the Guardians. Like the Cahills, the Guardians have fought the Vespers. Dan and Amy are Madrigals, the elite branch of the world's most powerful family, the Cahills. However, seven family members have been kidnapped, including their guardian, Nellie. In order to ransom them, Dan and Amy have had to perform tasks, many of the illegal, such as breaking into museums. They race around in response to orders from Vesper One, usually trying to beat the clock in order to keep their family members alive. Now, they're responsible for the safety of Atticus as well.

Younger readers will be caught up in the puzzles and history as the Cahills race around the world. Older readers will be intrigued by Amy's responsibility as head of the family, and the mystery involving Dan's messages from his father. Amy and Dan have always been there for each other, but Dan has often resented Amy's memories of their parents, memories he didn't share since he was so young when their parents were killed.

As always, this series is entertaining and educational, as well as suspenseful. Lerangis keeps the action and story moving quickly in The Dead of Night. It's a fun addition to the successful series.

The website for this series is

The Dead of Night, Book Three in The 39 Clues series, Cahills vs. Vespers by Peter Lerangis. Scholastic. 2012. ISBN 9780545298414 (hardcover), 190p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The publisher sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.


bermudaonion said...

I have one of the books in this series but haven't read it yet. It sounds like the series is entertaining.

Lesa said...

It is an entertaining series, Kathy, but I definitely recommend starting at the beginning.

Inside A Book said...

My students LOVE these books!! Thanks for the reminder for me to stay fresh with them!!

Enjoy the glorious rain today - a reason to stay in and cuddle with a good book!

Lesa said...

Wish I could have stayed in bed, Gaye. I enjoyed my afternoon, though. Volunteered for PBS on the phones. But, it would have been a good day to stay home cuddled with a book!

Thank you for the support & hug last week!