Monday, February 27, 2012

So Damn Lucky by Deborah Coonts

Anyone who follows this blog regularly knows I'm a sucker for good characters. And, no one creates better characters than Deborah Coonts. Las Vegas is the perfect setting for eccentric, odd, larger-than-life characters. Deborah Coonts' Lucky O'Toole is a star in the world of Las Vegas. And, she's the star in another top-notch funny, romantic story, So Damn Lucky.

Don't mess with a six-foot sexually frustrated woman. Lucky O'Toole's job as Head of Customer Relations, or "chief problem solver" at the Babylon, a megacasino on the Las Vegas Strip, might be exciting and interesting, but her love life is the pits. Her best friend and lover, Teddie, is somewhere in Europe, discovering himself as a rock star. Their conversations have been few and far between, and Lucky is beginning to suspect they might be drifting apart. So, she's fired up when she has to deal with the closing of an old casino, her manipulating parents, and Halloween in Vegas.

Ah, Halloween in Vegas. For Lucky that means the Bondage Ball, the Houdini Seance, the UFO crowd, and a group of magicians. And, the combination of the UFO crowd, Area 51, and those magicians spell trouble for Lucky, particularly when one of the magicians dies during a show. Then he, his assistant, and the paramedics all disappear.

It isn't long before Lucky is caught up in stories about Area 51, mind-control experiments, along with suspicions of a subject that went rogue and became a killer. How are the magicians involved in those activities? It will take some digging, but Lucky is nothing if not determined, even if it means digging for the truth in the tunnels under Las Vegas. With her heart already bruised, she needs a mystery to occupy her mind.

I adore Lucky O'Toole, the smart troubleshooter with a smart-alecky mouth and a damaged heart. It's tough to grow up at a whorehouse, not knowing who your father is. She's tough, witty, with a heart of gold. And, she deserves a man to love her. In the midst of all of Lucky's adventures, she's surrounded with good-looking men in Las Vegas; Paxton Dane, who works for the Gaming Control Board, John-Charles Bouclet, the new French chef at the Babylon; and, of course, the missing Teddie Kowalski.

She's also surrounded with well-developed characters in Miss P, her assistant, who is dating The Beautiful Jeremy Whitlock, a private detective; Lucky's mother, Mona; her father, The Big Boss, and all the staff at the Babylon. Then, there are her friends, Romeo, a police detective, and "Flash" Gordon, a reporter. Add in the customers in the Babylon, with all their, ahem, "unusual" behavior away from home, and Coonts has created a delightful cast to populate her Las Vegas.

I've referred to Coonts' Las Vegas mysteries as capers in the past. These are wonderful stories filled with outrageous behavior. There's witty conversations, puns, and a great deal of humor. Add, sexual innuendo, and amusing characters. Coonts' books are formulas for entertainment. So Damn Lucky, the third in the series, can certainly stand alone, but why would you want to miss the previous books? If you like the perfect setting for amusing behavior, over-the-top characters, and intriguing mysteries, try Deborah Coonts' Wanna Get Lucky?, Lucky Stiff, and So Damn Lucky.

Deborah Coonts' website is

So Damn Lucky by Deborah Coonts. Forge. 2012. ISBN 9780765330062 (hardcover), 400p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The publisher sent me a copy of the book, after I requested it.


Judith Starkston said...

This book sounds great. I love tough women who don't take life sitting down (or lying down unless there's a worthwhile man involved). I love the sound of all these unlikely elements all in one book.

Lesa said...

Judith, Lucky is a fantastic woman who takes control of her life. I hope you like the books!

Bev said...

I've read all of the previous Lucky books and am anxiously awaiting for my library to get a copy of the new one. I hope Deborah Coonts keeps on writing them. They are one of my favorite series.

Karen C said...

On the list!