Friday, February 24, 2012

Beth Aldrich for Authors @ The Teague

Most of the authors who appear for Authors @ The Teague are mystery authors since the library often partners with The Poisoned Pen bookstore. Beth Aldrich appeared on Sonoran Living, though, to discuss her book, Real Moms Love to Eat: How to Conduct a Love Affair with Food, Lose Weight, and Feel Fabulous. She was willing to come to the Velma Teague Library while she was in the Valley.

When Aldrich appeared on Sonoran Living, she fixed three of the recipes from her book. There are one hundred recipes in it from mom-bloggers who submitted them to Aldrich's website.

Aldrich's book contains a ten part plan to help people have a love affair with food, yet still lose weight or maintain the weight they want to be. The book's content will help readers enjoy food, but not become caught up in the food.

Beth Aldrich is a holistic health counselor. She once had her own PBS TV series in Chicago, but she was in a serious car accident there one January. It made her re-evaluate her life. She loved food and cooking. She loves the smell of food, and loves to prepare food. She even went to culinary school. She decided it was time for a shift in her life. She stopped filming, and went back to school. At the time, she went one weekend a month in New York to become certified through Columbia University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She had classes with Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Oz, and other well-known practitioners. Now, you can take those classes online.

Aldrich is a health counselor, not a registered dietitian. She looks at a person's entire lifestyle. The holistic health model covers four areas: spirituality, career, relationships and exercise. It looks at all aspects of life. Aldrich breaks diets apart.

People have love affairs with eating. Aldrich examines the beginnings of our excitement about food. There is nostalgia wrapped around food. Think about Sunday dinner at Grandma's. She examines our eating habits and where they come from. Real Moms Love to Eat contains various vignettes in which Aldrich reminisces about moments in life that influence our relationships with food. There are emotions attached to food, and it's important to honor where we come from. At one point in the book, she asks readers to list ten foods they like, and ten foods they don't like. Then, she helps people customize plans to plug in what they love in their diet, and take out the foods they don't love. Throughout the book, she tells stories people can relate to. Everyone has love affairs with their favorite meals.

It's important to indulge in the foods we like. But, we can indulge in a little cupcake, not the entire cake. She encourages people to indulge in four colorful foods a week, and gradually make changes in their diets.

Beth did say you don't have to be a mother to read this book. However, in order to market the book, it had to be positioned for a certain market. That market was mothers.

She told us she includes tips for sustainability in the book as well. There are opportunities within your own kitchen to live a more sustainable life. Look at the containers used, pots and pans. Be aware of what's going on. She also includes holistic health tips between recipes in the book.

Beth Aldrich concluded by telling us the chapters of Real Moms Love to Eat are densely populated with information to help readers do an entire makeover. Looking at life as a whole is the holistic model.

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Real Moms Love to Eat: How to Conduct a Love Affair with Food, Lose Weight, and Feel Fabulous by Beth Aldrich. New American Library. 2012. ISBN 9780451235589 (paperback), 306p.


Clea Simon said...

SInce I am in that finishing-the-ms., oh-my-god-where did-these-extra-pounds-come-from? stage, this is a godsend. Thanks, Lesa! Actually sounds like fun!

Lesa said...

Fun? A diet fun? Well, good luck with that, Clea!

Beth Aldrich said...

Thank you for a wonderful post!

Lesa said...

Thank you, Beth, for appearing for Authors @ The Teague!