Saturday, January 21, 2012

Walter's Muse by Jean Davies Okimoto

I recently reviewed Walter's Muse by Jean Davies Okimoto for Library Journal. The following review is reprinted from the January 2012 issue, with permission.

Okimoto, Jean Davies. Walter’s Muse. Endicott & Hugh Books. Feb. 2012. 354p. ISBN 9780983711513. Pap. $17.

Okimoto's second book in her island trilogy (after the award-winning The Love Ceiling) also features a strong, mature woman searching for happiness.

Maggie Lewis’ role as a caretaker was established early in life when her bipolar father killed himself, her mother’s health failed, and her younger sister needed her. Now, at 65, after retiring from her job as an elementary school librarian, she hopes to kayak, read, and have time alone. However, Maggie can't ignore cries for help. Despite having a bad history with children’s author Walter Hathaway, she steps in to watch his dog when Walter is injured in a fall. At the same time, Maggie's drama queen sister shows up, uninvited, but Maggie has a hard time rejecting her.

Verdict: It takes time for readers to like the curmudgeonly Maggie and Walter, but eventually they will connect with this warm story of two lonely peole finding each other late in life. Okimoto shows how mature characters can grow. Readers who like slow-paced, descriptive novels, mature characters, and women's fiction will appreciate this novel. (Founded in 2009, the publisher specializes in fiction and poetry for readers aged 50 and above. - Ed.)

Lesa Holstine, Glendale Public Library, Glendale, AZ

Copyright 2012. Library Journals, LLC. Reprinted with permission.

FTC Full Disclosure - My copy was supplied by Library Journal in order to review the book.


Pat R. said...

Sounds like an interesting book and I'm certainly in the right age group to enjoy the book.

Liz said...

Sounds good. Thanks.

Lesa said...

You're welcome. There's something weird, though, about knowing a publisher is targeting my age group. Maybe I should say, finally, though!

Karen C said...

It sounds interesting , but there's something that's holding me back - don't know what/why.

Lesa said...

Maybe my review, Karen. They edited it somewhat, and I wasn't quite as enthusiastic about it as they made it sound. So, don't worry about not being excited about it. It's really for a certain audience.