Sunday, January 08, 2012

Anniversary Giveaway #3

Like Steven F. Havill, Leighton Gage is an author who deserves a bigger readership. His Chief Inspector Mario Silva investigations, set in Brazil, bring the country to life, with all its politics and problems, Silva, a Chief Inspector with the Federal Police, can investigate murders all over the country. That provides Silva and his team with the ability to travel, and it provides the author the opportunity to peer into various stories of the country.

A Vine in the Blood, the latest investigation, can be read without reading previous stories. It isn’t as graphically violent as some of Gage’s earlier books. However, it’s as topical as all of the previous ones in the series. On the eve of the FIFA World Cup, to be hosted by Brazil, a woman is kidnapped. She’s the mother of the most important player on Brazil’s team. Now, the eyes of the country are focused on the Federal Police as they search amid the large group of suspects, as people suspect the kidnapping is an attempt to throw the player off his game.

Today’s giveaway is an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of Leighton Gage’s A Vine in the Blood. If you’d like to enter to win it, email me at Your subject line should read, “Win A Vine in the Blood.” Include your name and mailing address, please, or you can’t win. Winners of all of this week’s contests will be announced on Thursday, Jan. 12 at 6 p.m. MT.


Ricky Bush said...

I do believe that he's gaining a bigger following. This is the second time in the past couple of days that I've run across his book.

Lesa said...

That's good to hear, Ricky. I've read this series since the first book came out, and I really like it. Terrific characters, and stories we really don't know here in the U.S.

Karen C said...

I like that I wouldn't be lost starting with this book.

Carole said...

Not to hijack this topic, but about the Con Agra building--didn't realize you were from Milan.

Do you know the folks at the Edison Pen Company? I was looking at their flickr photos of the Con Agra implosion as I was reading your tweet.

Six degrees of Lesa's Book Critiques. LOL

Lesa said...


No, the ConAgra building was in Huron. That's where I'm from. No, don't know anyone at the Edison Pen Company. Sorry.

Can we find some other Milan connection? I went to school with Jim West who used to run Jim's Pizza Box in Milan.

Carole said...

Ah, I see that Milan is down the 13 a ways from Huron. Edison Pen Co. put photos of ConAgra on their flickr and said 'local building'. But I should have verified the facts before posting. I'm guilty of an '' rule violation. ;) And on the site of a librarian extraordinaire, too. My apologies!

I'm originally from Ohio, so I'm sure we can find connections. Perhaps you know the work of a gentleman named 'Ghoulardi'? LOL

I also like Leighton Gage, a fine way to explore a country I have not visited. ;)

Lesa said...

There you go, Carole. Oh, yes, I know the work of Ghoulardi. So, you watched Cleveland TV. If you tell me you watched Captain Penny and remember Mr. Jing-a-Ling, we're all set.

Carole said...

"...On Halle's seventh floor
We'll be looking for
You to turn the key..."

This conversation is going to be very embarrassing when I meet you at a writers' conference this year. ;)