Monday, December 05, 2011

The Nine Lives of Christmas by Sheila Roberts

Sheila Roberts’ latest Christmas story is a romantic treat for cat lovers. It takes a cat to bring together two people in The Nine Lives of Christmas.

Ambrose was in trouble. Treed by a big black dog, he was willing to bargain with his Creator for his ninth life. He was willing to do anything in order to live a nice long life. When he was rescued by a good-lucking buff man, he saw it as the answer to his prayers. Now, he just had to find a way to return the favor. But, when Ambrose showed up at the stranger’s house, he discovered he had his work cut out for him.

Zach was a firefighter with a fear of commitment. In fact, he was even reluctant to take in that big orange cat he called Tom. It didn’t help that the current woman in Zach’s life, Blair, took an instant dislike to the cat. And, Blair might be the heir to the Pet Palace business, but Ambrose knew she knew nothing about cats.

On the other hand, there was that cute Merilee White who worked at Pet Palace. She might be a little insecure, but that was a woman who understood cats. Now, Ambrose only had to convince Zach and Merilee that they were right for each other, and for him.

Sheila Roberts certainly understands cats. And, she understands that sometimes it takes unexpected events to make Christmas magical. If you want a romantic story for the holidays, and love big orange cats, as I do, you’ll want to check out The Nine Lives of Christmas.

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The Nine Lives of Christmas by Sheila Roberts. St. Martin’s Press. ©2011. ISBN 9780312594497 (hardcover), 214p.

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Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

I love that the cat brings them together! Sounds like a good Christmas book for me. :)

Sharon said...

This sounds like a fun read, just right for Christmas and cat lovers!

Lesa said...

Elizabeth & Sharon,

You're right. This is one for cat lovers. It's fun.

Karen C said...

I've heard about this one before and had already added to the TBR list. Looks like fun.

Lesa said...

Oh, that's good, Karen. Already on your pile. It is fun.