Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Mother Daughter Show by Natalie Wexler

Ever wonder what it’s like to be one of those parents sending their children to an exclusive Quaker school in Washington, D.C.? Wexler creates her own school, Barton Friends School, and then invites readers into the lives of three mothers in The Mother Daughter Show. That world isn’t all peaches and cream.

It’s time for the mothers of the senior girls at Barton to work on the annual mother daughter show. The show will consist of skits and songs, and, hopefully, a great deal of laughter from the senior girls. This year, the mothers also hope the First Lady might attend since her daughter is a junior. No matter what happens, though, it’s a project that will create tension and animosity. Change isn’t just coming for the seniors. Their mothers are facing changes as well.

Amanda Marchetti, the mother of Kate, is about to become an empty nester. Kate’s set for Yale, but Amanda is looking for a job. She was a lawyer, a job she hated, before staying home to raise her children. What kind of skills does she have to get back into the workplace? She really only wanted to be a songwriter, a skill she might be able to bring to the mother daughter show.

Susan Logan has been Amanda’s best friend for years, since their daughters, Kate and Allie, became friends. Susan’s attempts at controlling the mother daughter show don’t go over well with Amanda, though. And, Susan seems to be able to control all aspects of her life, except her daughter. Something is wrong with Allie, and Susan is clueless.

Barb Atkins has been turning a blind eye to her husband’s world for years. He’s never in town, seldom answers her calls. But, she can’t turn a blind eye to her daughter, Grace, who has been drinking, running around, and seeing a grungy guy from Australia. She might be great at organizing the mother daughter show, but it’s hard to organize her home life.

The Mother Daughter Show is a story about change, change for mothers as their children leave home. It’s a thoughtful novel that also manages to have funny scenes as a result of the show the women are attempting. How about a dinner party with two much wine, and confrontation between two groups of women with opposing ideas? As the script continually changes for the show, tempers grow shorter, divas take over, and disaster results.

The Mother Daughter Show manages to emphasize the turning points in so many lives. It’s not just teens that move on after leaving school. Natalie Wexler manages to show, with humor and heart, that women in their forties, facing an empty nest, must also address their own feelings in order to move on with their lives.

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The Mother Daughter Show by Natalie Wexler. FUZE Publishing, LLC. ©2012. ISBN 97809841296 (paperback).

FTC Full Disclosure – The publicist sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.

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