Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Christmas Singing by Cindy Woodsmall

Cindy Woodsmall takes readers to Ohio and Pennsylvania, to Amish Country for a charming story of love lost and found at Christmastime in The Christmas Singing.

Mattie Eash and Gideon Beiler were best friends in childhood. He was older, and Mattie watched him date other girls, but they had their first date on her birthday, Christmas Eve, at the Christmas singing. Mattie thought they were meant for each other until she caught him in the arms of another woman, an Englischer, and he broke their engagement.

Mattie fled to Berlin, Ohio. With the help of her brother, she opened a bakery, Mattie Cakes. She loved her life there, baking specialty cakes, and spending time with her beloved niece. She even found someone to replace Gideon in her life. Sol spent his spare time hunting, and Mattie’s time was spent in the kitchen. Sol was good and steady, and she didn’t want emotion in her life again. But, an accident forced her to return home to Apple Ridge, Pennsylvania.

Gideon also left Apple Ridge right after he broke his engagement. However, he’s back, working in his family construction business. But, Gideon has secrets, secrets that go back three years. He’s never forgotten the love of his life, but he tried to save her a lifetime of pain. It’s too bad Gideon might have set both of them on a path to pain.

Mattie returned home just in time for Thanksgiving, and two weddings. Day after day, she’s forced to see Gideon as he finishes the house for her best friend. And, before she moves on with her life with Sol, she has to resolve her anger at the man who used to be her best friend.

Cindy Woodsmall’s The Christmas Singing is fascinating, with the small details of Amish life. There’s everything from the allowance of a phone in a business to the details of an Amish wedding.  All those details add to the richness of this romantic story. It’s a story of secrets, of friendship, of family. Love, sacrifice, and family. Perfect elements for a holiday story, The Christmas Singing.

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The Christmas Singing by Cindy Woodsmall. Waterbrook Press, ©2011. ISBN 31442020213499 (hardcover), 196p.

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I enjoy Amish stories, too, and think this sounds really good!

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