Wednesday, November 02, 2011

December's Hot Titles

There are some hot titles coming out in December, despite the holidays. Which ones of these are you looking forward to reading?

Joanna Challis brings back author Daphne du Maurier to investigate the death of a newly married man in The Villa of Death. Teddy’s widow, Ellen, is the prime suspect, but neither family wanted the couple to marry.

Only Robin Cook can connect the life-insurance industry with the death of a scientist researching diabetes. Death Benefit is his latest thriller.

In Patricia Cornwell’s Red Mist, Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta heads to a Georgia Prison for Women to meet the biological mother of a killer, hoping to learn more about the death of her deputy chief, and whether his death is connected to a string of killings.

Murder Season by Robert Ellis sounds fascinating. Club 3 AM, known for Hollywood celebrities, is the site of a double murder. Detective Lena Gamble’s investigation is thrown off when she learns one of the victims was just acquitted of murdering a neighbor. Who was the target in this crime?

W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV bring us Covert Warriors, the seventh Presidential Agent novel. No one in the U.S. believes a third world Caribbean country is a threat, but Charley Castillo and his men investigate since the Chinese are training the country’s special forces, and the Russians are helping them build a nuclear power plant.

Tami Hoag takes us back to the early days of forensic police work and profiling in her latest Oak Knoll thriller, Down the Darkest Road.

77 Shadow Street is the address of the Pendleton in Dean R. Koontz’ latest novel. The tenants feel lucky to live there, despite the building’s past history, colored by madness, kidnappings, murder, and strange accidents. Now, the residents are about to be engulfed in an unimaginable world with no escape.

Jo Nesbo takes readers back to Norway in the latest Harry Hole investigation, The Leopard. The police are running out of options in their investigation of the deaths of two women, but Harry is still traumatized by his last case, and doesn’t want to be found. The murder of an MP changes his mind.

And, the last book is Stuart Woods’ latest Stone Barrington novel, D.C. Dead. After his wife’s murder, Barrington doesn’t know if the wants to stay in New York. It’s a welcome relief when he’s summoned by the President to assist with a special operation that reunites him with a former partner, Holly Barker.

Is there anything here that will tear you away from the holidays for a quick read? What books are you anticipating in December?


Liz V. said...

Enjoy Daphne du Maurier, so Villa of Death may be fun. Have you checked out the just published collection of newly discovered short stories?

Read some Patricia Cornwell, but more recent books seem increasingly macabre.

Not sure any of these are on my holiday reading list. Back to Agatha.

donna said...

Am reading The Snowman by Jo Nesbo now and am totally hooked. Glad to hear a new one is coming. Am also going to go back and read the others in this series. Nothing as great as hunkering down for the winter with some good books! We have been fortunate and did not lose power from the storm we had this weekend but many in Connecticut are hurting - not a good time to be without power and heat - temp was around 30 degrees this morning.

Lesa said...

Actually, Liz, I was never a Daphne du Maurier fan. Is that sacrilege to say that? Of the gothic writers, I much preferred Phyllis A. Whitney. I discovered the three of them, du Maurier, Whitney and Mary Stewart at the same time. I'm sure du Maurier's Rebecca will be the one that lives on, but I just was never a fan.

And, I haven't read Patricia Cornwell in years.

There are a couple books on the list for me, though. I'll probably read Ellis and Hoag.

Lesa said...


Glad you didn't lose power. I was just reading more about all the problems in this morning's newspaper. And, I'm really glad you found a new author in Jo Nesbo.

Liz V. said...

Love Mary Stewart. Whitney was enjoyable too, although only read a few of her massive output.

Will try Ellis and Hoag after the holidays.

Lesa said...

I agree. Not quite holiday reading. And, I even read Whitney's youth mysteries. Big fan.

Sheila Beaumont said...

I'm looking forward to the new Dean Koontz thriller. I have Jo Nesbo's The Redbreast, but haven't read it yet. Will try to get to it soon (so many books...!).

Lesa said...

... I can finish that, Sheila. So little time. Totally agree with you.

Karen C said...

If I had the time and money, I would be interested in Patricia Cornwall's newest and Tami Hoag's, too. Don't dare look at any more!

Lesa said...

Think public library, Karen, for those titles. That takes care of the money angle. I can't do anything about the time, though.

Stephanie @ Read In a Single Sitting said...

The Joanna Challis book looks stunning.

I have a number of great Australia new releases to look forward to, and I'm dying to get to the new Murakami. :)

Lesa said...

The new Murakami has had a lot of press, Stephanie. I hope you enjoy it!