Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Current Affairs by Lane Stone

How do former beauty queens follow up the success they knew as young women? If you’re in your forties with too much time on your hands, you might form Tiara Investigations, a detective agency that helps women catch their cheating husbands. But, in Current Affairs, author Lane Stone shows it’s too easy for detectives to get caught up in murder.

Stone relates the story through Leigh Reed’s statement to the FBI. Leigh, the wife of a general deployed to the Mideast, returned to Atlanta to find a home. But, she had a little too much time on her hands. Along with her two best friends, two other beauty queens, Victoria Blair and Tara Brown, she formed Tiara Investigations. The three women had a successful business tracking cheating husbands, until it all went wrong at once. They made the mistake of agreeing to follow a police detective, and Detective Kent was the investigator when the husband of another client was shot while the three detectives were sitting in their car observing him. None of them saw the person who shot David Taylor. And, none of them even managed to take pictures at the scene of the crime, although they all had cameras. Detective Kent called them, "Untrained, ill equipped and incompetent."

I have mixed feelings about Current Affairs. It’s a mystery that doesn’t really know what it wants to be. Is it a slapstick story? The scene at the police station when the three women are interviewed by Detective Kent is funny, reminiscent of “Who’s on First?” At times, it’s so complicated with the storyline about “Backpack UAVs detonating the IEDs,” that I couldn’t follow the plot. The women were fun-loving, and, at times their conversation only made sense to them. They came across as ditzy former beauty queens with no self-identity, dressing alike, buying the same breed of dogs. At other times, they come across as very shrewd. All three of them are going through moments of indecision as to their lives.

In the end, I’ll agree with the author. Lane Smith refers to Current Affairs as “Primarily a book about women’s friendship and support.” It’s confusing at times, a little too complicated. There were too many people and trails leading to the end of the mystery. But, as a story about women’s friendship, Current Affairs works. If you go into it, reading it for the importance of women in each other’s lives, you’ll be satisfied.

Lane Stone’s website is www.lanestonebooks.com.

Current Affairs by Lane Stone. Mainly Murder Press, LLC. ©2011. ISBN 9780983682325 (paperback), 237p.

FTC Full Disclosure – The author sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.


Karen C said...

Hmmm. Think I'll only check this out if it's at the library!


Lesa said...

I understand, Karen. It's a little iffy, not for everyone.