Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Christmas Note by Donna VanLiere

This year, Donna VanLiere, author of The Christmas Shoes and The Christmas Hope, brings  us The Christmas Note. To be honest, the note actually has nothing to do with Christmas itself. The note sparks a change in a number of lives, though, and the book is set during the Christmas season, so I guess that makes it a Christmas note.

The day they move into their new condo, Gretchen Daniels could tell her new neighbor, Melissa McCreary won’t welcome her and her two children to the neighborhood. Melissa begrudges any contact she has with Emma and Ethan. And, Gretchen has her own issues to handle. She has to try to get a job, get her kids settled, and get them in their new school. Fortunately, her mother and her mother’s best friend, Gloria, are there to help.

But, who’s there for Melissa when a strange man shows up looking for her, and tells Gretchen to tell her neighbor that Melissa’s mother died? With a little prodding from her kids, Gretchen makes gestures of friendship, and ends up helping Melissa clean out her mother’s wretched apartment. And, Gretchen’s the one who finds the note, just two lines that reveal family secrets. The two women might have come together reluctantly, but that simple note will change both of them forever.

There is a great deal of coincidence in this book. Remember, though, it’s a Christmas book. And, coincidence is part of VanLiere’s message. We pass so much in life off as coincidence. What if someone has planned it all, and nothing is a coincidence? What if it was all meant to happen the way it does? If you can accept that premise, you can appreciate Donna VanLiere’s The Christmas Note.

Donna VanLiere’s website is http://www.donnavanliere.com/

The Christmas Note by Donna VanLiere. St. Martin’s Press. ©2011. ISBN 9780312658960 (hardcover), 208p.

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Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Sounds like an interesting book. I think I can probably look past coincidences for a Christmas book, for sure. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, Lesa!

Lesa said...

Thank you, Elizabeth. I did have a good Thanksgiving, and my Christmas vacation starts tomorrow! I agree with you. Anything is possible in a Christmas book.

Beach Carpet Patching said...

Donna VanLiere thoughtfully draws out her character's emotions and motives, making their full and relatable. The plot has moments of predictability, and moments of stunning revelation. If you're looking for a quick read for the holiday season, you've found it!