Sunday, November 27, 2011

1225 Christmas Tree Lane by Debbie Macomber

With 1225 Christmas Tree Lane, Debbie Macomber wraps up her Cedar Cove novels. This book must have been intended as a gift to the faithful readers of that series. Her listing of some of the residents of Cedar Cove includes at least sixty-seven characters. And, every one of them is mentioned in the book, along with their dogs.

Beth Morehouse is the focus of this particular story. The owner of the Christmas tree farm in town, she lives at 1225 Christmas Tree Lane, where she is also a dog trainer. As Christmas draws near, she is in possession of ten Lab-mix puppies, hoping to find homes for them before she and her college-age daughters take a skiing trip after Christmas. Her daughters have a surprise for Beth, though. They’ve invited their father, Beth’s ex-husband, for Christmas. Being daughters,
Bailey and Sophie have plans to get their parents back together. They didn’t count on their father bringing along a friend.

Beth scrambles to accommodate her husband, his friend, her two daughters, the ten puppies, and her own dogs. Those puppies give Macomber the opportunity to re-introduce most of the characters that have appeared in the Cedar Cove novels. As Beth drops off puppies, or as people arrive to adopt a dog, the reader catches up with stories from previous books.

Macomber’s introductory letter to her readers lets everyone in on the future of the residents of Cedar Cove. Over the years, Macomber’s readers have made these books bestsellers, and the people of the town have undoubtedly started to feel like friends. It’s hard to let go  of a town when readers have a chance to drop in and catch up every once in a while.

One of my high school English teachers would have a fit right about now. I’m going to say this was a nice story, and he never let us use the word “nice.” I’m sure Macomber’s fans will miss the small community they’ve grown to love. For the rest of us, it’s a “nice” story with an enormous cast of characters. 1225 Christmas Tree Lane really wasn’t anything special. There were no surprises. It was just a pleasant way to end the series, wrapping everything up in a tidy package.

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1225 Christmas Tree Lane by Debbie Macomber. MIRA. ©2011. ISBN 9780778312697 (hardcover), 283p.

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Christie said...

You are right, Lesa. The book was just okay. It did wrap everything up, but I felt like it was just a lot of rehashing of everyone's stories. Guess it was time to put the series to bed! See you soon.

Liz said...

Sounds as if one needs to read the series to enjoy this fully.

Lesa said...

Yes! See you soon, Christie. And, since I hadn't read all the Cedar Cove books, it was a little too much.

Lesa said...

Yes, Liz. And, as I told my sister, I hadn't read all those books, so I felt a little lost and a little overwhelmed with people.

Karen C said...

I haven't read any of the Cedar Cove books, so I guess I will give this one a pass. I just can't 'afford' to start another series!!

Lesa said...

I think this one would just be confusing if you haven't read the earlier books, Karen. And, I know how hard it is to keep up with the series I'm already reading!

Ingrid King said...

I was going to pass on this one, but since it wraps up the series, I guess I'll read it. I've been disappointed in Debbie Macomber's recent books, but for a Christmas book, I'm usually a little more forgiving!

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