Monday, October 31, 2011

The Ancient Ones by Lori Hines

Lori Hines’ paranormal mystery, The Ancient Ones, is the perfect story for anyone interested in Ghost Hunters, the reality series. The story combines the paranormal, romance, and good vs. evil.

Lorelei Lanier is part of a team, the Arizona-Irish Paranormal Research Society. Since her mother’s death, though, she’s discovered she has skills as a psychic/medium. But, her skills are greater than she knows, as she’ll learn.

Together with Ian Healy, pagan, Wiccan, healer, and paranormal investigator, and Shannon Flynn, an FBI investigator, Lorelei and the rest of the team test their skills at Vulture Mine in Wickenburg, Arizona. Lorelei experiences a number of unusual sightings, but it’s their first case for the FBI that increases her powers, and places her in danger.

In Cochise County in southeast Arizona, the owner of a ranch found a body on her property, but, when she returned less than fifteen minutes later, it was gone. That, combined with unusual sightings of a wolf and a giant bird, cause the FBI to suspect a paranormal connection. The team discover a connection to a cult from the 1930s. But, Lorelei discovers her connection to the ancient ones, a vanished race that developed their connection to the stars and the universe. And, her abilities seem to increase with the powerful connection she discovers with Ian.

Hines pulls out all the stops, connecting ancient races, the paranormal, sexuality, and suspense. Until Lorelei and Ian actually learned how they were connected, the sexual attraction became a joke to the rest of the team, and a little irritating. However, the author finally made a connection that made it acceptable, and logical. And, there were small mistakes in the manuscript. One that was never corrected was the repeated reference to a “father-in-law” and “son-in-law” when it should have been stepfather and stepson.  

Anyone who is interested in paranormal investigation will find all the instruments used in the book, and the methodology to be fascinating.

The Ancient Ones was a fascinating book that successfully linked two storylines with different crimes. And, Hines created intriguing characters in Lorelei and Ian. It will be interesting to see if she can, and will, continue to develop the mysteries of their past, and their future.

Lori Hines’ website is

The Ancient Ones by Lori Hines. Aberdeen Bay. ©2011. ISBN 9781608300525 (paperback), 258p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The author gave me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.


Anonymous said...

What a perfect Halloween book. Sounds terrific, Lori. Thanks for sharing it with us, Lesa.

Judy Starbuck said...

Lori is an active member of our local Sisters in Crime chapter, Desert Sleuths. Thanks, Lesa, for your continuing support of the Sisterhood. And congratulations, Lori, for writing such a fascinating book.

Liz V. said...

Another new-to-me author. Someday, Lesa, they will find me buried under my TBR stack and call me a hoarder.

Lesa said...

Glad it's a perfect Halloween book. I hope you enjoy it!

Lesa said...

My pleasure, Judy. You know how much I appreciate the Desert Sleuths.

Lesa said...

Oh, geez, Liz. I don't want to think about what my closets and spare bedrooms look like.

Karen C said...

I'm like Liz today - although I went to e-books so no one can tell how many I actually have!!

Lesa said...

Oh, I think that's funny, Karen. There's a reason to read e-books!

Kevin Elwood said...

Well written tale covers native american lore, spiritualism, wiccan, witchcraft, and best of all... it's based in the 4 corners!