Saturday, August 13, 2011

June Shaw, Guest Blogger

I'm reviewing June Shaw's latest book, Deadly Reunion, tomorrow, so I thought it would be appropriate to allow the author to have her say before I do. June understands what a hot summer is like, so she sends her character on a trip. Thank you, June, for taking time to share this story of Cealie and her travels.

How to Stay Cool
By June Shaw
I live sixty miles southwest of New Orleans—so you’re saying it’s hot where you live? What I discovered was that whenever I needed to really cool off, I had to take a trip, in person or in my head, to where my smart main character Cealie Gunther would travel farther up north. Cealie always gets herself into so much trouble that I need to go after her to discover how she’ll get herself out of the mess she creates.
For RELATIVE DANGER Cealie chose to fly into Chicago to watch her granddaughter walk across the stage to get her diploma during high school graduation. Being Cealie, she couldn’t just show up. She hired a teenage boy to wear a chicken costume and wobble up the stairs and sing “Happy graduation to you” when her granddaughter opened the door. And then Cealie popped out from behind him and yelled, “Surprise!” And her grandchild bursts into tears, not happy ones. It seems a custodian died—accidental it was first believed. But then police began to suspect murder—and graduation might not take place. Bad things are happening at the school, and Cealie needs to straighten things out so she can watch her motherless granddaughter cross the stage—and of course Cealie makes things much worse. Soon her grandchild becomes a killer’s target.
While it was much cooler in Chicago than down here, I needed to check out another chilly location for the next place I’d trudge behind Cealie. She decided on Gatlinburg, Tennessee—which happens to be one of my most favorite areas in the country, especially during the fall when the air is crisp and leaves turn brilliant colors. The air was crisp one evening when I returned to my mountainside chalet and remained outside to listen to creatures in surrounding trees. What if? I thought and then remembered Cealie’s semi-psychic cousin who kept e-mailing her in my first book, saying she was in dire trouble and needed Cealie’s help. I mean, Cealie owns a successful copyediting agency that managers run, so she knows parts of speech but not how to save anyone. And she’s on her way to Acapulco and never got along well with that cousin anyway. But does feel sorry for her cousin, so maybe she can make a brief stopover in Gatlinburg. She doesn’t anticipate that the moment she arrives in her cousin’s yard, she’ll trip over a body. KILLER COUSINS is another fun, cool book.
From the mountains, Cealie decides to join a group of former good friends she hasn’t seen in decades for a class reunion on a cruise ship in Alaska. I have to admit I did need a heavy coat to follow her way up there. I mean, Alaska is a far cry from the Gulf of Mexico. And I had to ask lots of crewmembers, “Where’s a good place to find a body?” and receive their curious stares before they started talking. I had to watch whales breeching and lots and lots of snow-covered mountains we sailed past. And then there were all of those icebergs and glaciers, and at times it was downright chilly. No, I did not complain while I cruised up north while following Cealie on her adventure for DEADLY REUNION—one class reunion you do not want to miss.
I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that parts of these books do get warm. I mean, spunky widowed Cealie wants to avoid her hunky lover Gil Thurman so that she can rediscover herself. But he opens Cajun restaurants wherever she travels—and she is so bad at avoiding tempting dishes and men.
So besides me, Gil needs to follow her. Their romantic interludes take place off screen—although one reviewer said “Their romance is hotter than Louisiana Hot Sauce.”
It’s all in fun as are most of the scenes in these books. I’ve gotten rights reverted from the publisher of my first two books, so they are both available now as e-books for Kindle and other e-readers. DEADLY REUNION is just out! You can order the hardcover book online or from booksellers or my Web site,, where cool readers like to hang out. Thanks for letting me stop by, Lisa! My best to all of you!  June
Of course things heat up….
 So while temps are way up these days, how are you keeping cool?

June Shaw's website is
Deadly Reunion by June Shaw. Gale Cengage Learning. ©2011. ISBN 9781432824983 (hardcover), 256p.


Liz V. said...

Don't blame you for trailing after Cealie and Gil. My August visit to New Orleans defined heat and humidity in a new way. (October was good.)
Best wishes on success of your series. I look forward to Lesa's review.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Liz. Yes, when you visit down here in late summer, stay in air conditioning.

Lesa said...

I agree with both of you. I'll never forget Karin Slaughter's guest post for Library Journal this year. The American Library Association (ALA) met in New Orleans in July. That was her reaction. New Orleans in July? What were you people thinking?

June Shaw said...

I attended the ALA convention in July, Lesa. The whole event was wonderful. I signed books in the Sisters-in-Crime booth and met so many wonderful librarians and other guests. But when I walked from my car the the convention center and back again, I could not believe the organizers had chosen S. La. at that time. Of coure it really was nice and cool inside.

Nicholas Genovese said...

Hi June,
Deadly Reunion sounds like a lot of fun. I'll bet the Louisiana Hot Sauce and the Alaskan ice get along well together, or maybe not. I'm going to buy the book and find out.

Nick G.

Alice Duncan said...

Love DEADLY REUNION, June. And I'm going to prepare that recipe on your web page this week, too :-)

June Shaw said...

Thanks, Nick! Yep, they sure do. I'll be signing in the New Orleans area in September. Hope I'll see you there.

June Shaw said...

Oh, Alice, I am so happy that you enjoyed DEADLY REUNION! And I'll bet you'll enjoy the easy dressing recipe on my web site. Let me know.

Alice Duncan said...

Will do. It looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hi, June, enjoyed the blog but hate humidity-I live in Arkansas and don't go south in 'dog days' LOL
Will look at recipe (I like Alice Duncan's books too :-)
Jackie Griffey

Karen C said...

Sound like good reads. Added to the TBR.

June Shas said...

Thanks, Karen! Most readers say the books are lots of fun.

June Shaw said...

Regarding humidity down here -- When I attended a Maui Writer's Conference a few years ago, I couldn't believe the humid heat when I arrived. I thought I'd taken a long, long flight, and then the plane carried me back here: ) But then it got a little cooler.

Lesa said...


Thank you again for taking time to do a guest post, and talk to readers today. I appreciate it!

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi, June,

I might not live in New Orleans but a cruise to Alaska sure would be nice around this time of year--minus the murder.

Wishing you every success with this new novel in your mystery series,


Jacqueline Seewald

June Shaw said...

Thanks, Jacqueline. When I cruised in Alaska for the research, it was late July. Friends and family here were so jealous.

June Shaw said...

Lesa, thanks so much for having me.

And congratulations on the wonderful article about you -- how fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading the book.

Staying indoors is the best way to stay cool IMHO. Wearing shorts really does help if you must be outside except between car & buildings, though, I finally learned. My father would pour water over his head after mowing and before going into the house which I would also recommend.

I'm 100 miles from New Orleans but definitely warm enough.

June Shaw said...

Sure hope you enjoy my book.

Your father was smart.