Sunday, July 24, 2011

We All Fall Down by Michael Harvey

No author who writes thrillers or books about serial killers terrifies me as much as Michael Harvey. It's not that he writes about serial killers or stalkers. Instead, he writes about a detective caught up in a realistic world in Chicago. And, he presents creepy scenarios that scare me to death because of the possibilities, the what ifs. The Chicago Way was bad enough, but We All Fall Down is terrifying because it could happen.

Michael Kelly is an ex-cop turned private eye, a loner in the tradition of so many detectives. He's a man who uses his friends to achieve justice, endangers those who loves without meaning to, and even has to send his dog away to protect him. At the end of The Chicago Way, Kelly knew there were two lightbulbs in the Chicago subway that could have anthrax in them. At the start of this book, he wakes with a premonition that something happened. He only had that premonition twice before, once when his brother committed suicide, and the night his father died. Kelly should have stayed in bed, and not answered the phone.

When one of the lightbulbs fell, it released a deadly pathogen. And, the disease slowly spreads. As the sick and dead show up at hospitals and morgues, those attending them start to get sick. It isn't long before Homeland Security and scientists are involved. And, it isn't long before cell phones and the Internet are shut down, and the people accept the only story they've been given, the party line from the government. While gang warfare and fires break out in the quarantined sector, Michael Kelly hunts for the forces who are destroying his beloved city.

Once again, Michael Harvey takes readers into a terrifying world of black biology and government secrets. What will happen to this country if someone releases a deadly pathogen? According to Harvey, we have no solutions. It's comforting to watch Michael Kelly, Harvey's knight errant, as he scours the city, looking for answers and taking on those who threaten him and those he loves, as well as the city he is determined to protect. However, knowing we actually have no protection is not comforting at all. Want to read the scariest book you will read all summer? Try Michael Harvey's We All Fall Down.

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We All Fall Down by Michael Harvey. Alfred A. Knopf. ©2011. ISBN 9780307272515 (hardcover), 303p.

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Liz V. said...

Don't think I've tried this genre since Crichton's The Andromeda Strain. Time to visit again, it seems.

jenny milchman said...

I love Michael Harvey and this sounds like it may be his best yet. Thanks for the review, Lesa.

Lesa said...

It is, Liz. Terrific book.

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Jenny. It is his best yet. You'll love it.

Sandie Herron said...

Now you've got me wondering if I do want to read it! Biological warfare is very scary. However, it may comfort you to know that scientists work on both sides of that issue.

Lesa said...

No comfort whatsoever, Sandie. You do want to read it, but wait until you meet the scientists.

Sandie Herron said...

OK, I'll wait til I meet the scientists I trust are out there.