Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sandie's Corner - Janet Evanovich, An Investigative Report

I won't always kick off Sandie's Corner with a note, but I just loved her latest idea. I think you're going to enjoy reading her pieces as much as I do. This is going to be fun! - Lesa

After reading some of Lesa’s recent entries here on Lesa’s Book Critiques, I got curious about Janet Evanovich.  I’ve enjoyed her stories since ONE FOR THE MONEY came out back in 1994.  We became friends when we discovered we were both Jersey girls for quite some time!  She really does get that part just right, if anyone has ever wondered.  She doesn’t live there now but splits her time between New Hampshire and Florida.

There are so many types of detectives in the mystery world – police detectives, FBI agents, private eyes, and amateur sleuths to name some major categories.  I decided we should add the book detective – or the book investigator who will research oddities in the book world.  We have a report back from our own book investigator about some questions brought up about Janet Evanovich and her next books.

I asked her about the release date of #18 being in November.  The website only listed the current dates and backward not forward, so I couldn’t use that as a reference.  Unfortunately Janet didn’t have time to answer me in full right now, so she asked her assistant Ken Wilson (whom I’ve dealt with before and who is terrific) to fill us in.  This is what he said:  “Janet thought it would be fun to explore some of the story lines established in SMOKIN’ SEVENTEEN more deeply.  That's why EXPLOSIVE EIGHTEEN is scheduled [for release] on November 22, seven months earlier than normal.  Despite rumors fueled by the change in publication dates, Janet has no plans to end the series.  More rumors will likely fly when Plum Nineteen doesn't show up in June of '12, but that's only because that's the month chosen for the next Diesel book. The Deadly Sin covered in this one -- lust. “

Well, that all makes sense to me.  She’s actually publishing early, so I’m going to close my mouth and not complain that an author wrote faster like we always ask for!!  I did ask if they knew when #19 would be out, and Ken said, “At this point in time, we don't yet have a firm date for Plum Nineteen.”

Ken also said, “Nice review on Lesa's part.  Tell her thanks from us.  And congrats to you in getting a spot for your own reviews.”

I hope this answers some questions fans had for Janet Evanovich.  At least we know we have the right information straight from the source.

Thanks for joining me for my first investigative report.  We’ll keep you posted on any changes we learn of.  As always in the mystery world, there is more to come!

Sandie Herron
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bermudaonion said...

Thanks for keeping us in the know!

Liz V. said...

Thanks for the clarification.

John Dunning's bookman series is a favorite book sleuth for me. Hope your investigations don't get you involved in anything messy.

Lesa said...


Love that comment. I hope Sandie doesn't get involved in anything messy, either!

Bev Stephans said...

Great post Sandie! I wondered why #18 was coming out so early, and you gave us the answer. Have you read any of the 'Diesel' books without Stephanie? I haven't and wondered if they were any good.

Anonymous said...

Bermudaonion, You're welcome. I love to keep others "in the know."

Liz V, I doubt I'll get into anything messy when it was Janet's personal assistant who filled me in on all the facts.

Lesa, How could I get into anything messy with you watching my back (um, I'm not sure that sounds right.)

Bev Stephenson, No, I'm sad to say that I have not read any of the Diesel books. Cuts to my book buying budget have been critical these days, per my own personal CPA, and if you know what happened to "Big Bill Herron" at the end of Bill Fitzhugh's FENDER BENDERS, you would be sure your sources are official and your budget is on the up and up.

Karen said...

Congratulations on your first investigative report! Very nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Karen, Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.