Friday, July 15, 2011

Hexed by Kevin Hearne

Well, I finally found an urban fantasy series I like as much as Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. In fact, if Kevin Hearne keeps up the high quality of these fast-paced stories, The Iron Druid Chronicles may eventually pass The Dresden Files in my affection. The second book, Hexed, is just as enjoyable as the first one, Hounded.

Atticus O'Sullivan, the centuries-old Druid, lives in Tempe, Arizona with his IrishWolfhound, Oberon. He owns a combination bookstore and herb store, although he's had to spend some time recently taking out a pair of Irish gods who were out to get him. Now, those who know about Atticus' actions are divided into two camps; some want him to kill other gods, and some want to kill Atticus, fearing he's too powerful. While Atticus' werewolf lawyer is there on business, Atticus is suddenly attacked by witches. When he calls the head of the local coven on it, he learns he's not the only one who has been attacked. The local coven has lost a member who died as a result of the attack from another group of witches. It's one more reason for Atticus to reluctantly sign a pact of nonagression with the local coven.

Poor Atticus. Between witches, Celtic goddesses, and Coyote, the god for the Native Americans, Atticus is under attack from all kinds of directions, and all kinds of expectations. He's even caught up in sexual battles between two of the goddesses. And, he's more determined than ever to thwart problems, since he's been warned that some of his friends are in danger.

Once again, Kevin Hearne has thrust his hero into the middle of fights between mythological and supernatural beings. Hexed is as fast-paced and fun as the debut novel, Hounded. There's a great deal of humor, wordplay and physical, to appeal to any taste. Mythology, religion, urban fantasy, humor, and some terrific characters. Kevin Hearne's urban fantasy, Hexed, has a great deal going for it. (And, I just bought the third one, Hammered. I'm addicted.)

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Hexed by Kevin Hearne. Del Rey. ©2011. ISBN 9780345522498 (paperback), 307p.

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Sheila Beaumont said...

Sounds like fun! I'm definitely going to try it, and I've sent a link to your review to a friend who is also a Dresden fan.

Lesa said...

Thanks, Sheila. I'm loving this series.