Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Book Expo Podcast - The Great Readalike

When I went to New York City, I was on a panel for Book Expo America. The panel was called The Great Readalike. If You Like This...You'll LOVE That! I had ten minutes to talk about traditional mysteries.

Here's the brief introduction to that program.

"Ranging from Scandanavian noir and vampires, to paranormal science fiction and tea party-versus Obama-party political discourse, hear from a panel of librarians who will tell you what books you’ll love, based on what you already like!

"Hosted by Wilda Williams of Library Journal, the esteemed panel of librarians include: Stephanie Chase, Head of Programming and Outreach for the Central Library of the Multnomah County Library; Kaite M. Stover, Readers’ Services Manager for Kansas City Public Library; Lesa Holstine, Velma Teague Branch Library Manager; Shayera Tangri, branch manager at the Porter Ranch Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library system; and Robin Beerbower, on the staff at Salem Public Library (Oregon) for 37 years."

Here's the link if you're interested in the podcast -


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Anonymous said...

Loved listening to your definition of the "traditional mystery" and what it entails. And then you apply that definition to today's books and what's coming out soon. Very informative, educational, and fun!