Monday, May 23, 2011

New York City - Day 3 - Saturday

Busy morning on Saturday. We went to breakfast at Pax so I could finally have a New York bagel. A. already had two. Then when we went to Bryant Park, and I wanted to take some pictures, I found out my camera wasn't working since I didn't charge it last night. Fortunately, A was kind enough to let me use her Samsung to take pictures, and we downloaded them later. This book cart in the park is sponsored by HSBC. Evidently, kids can use the books while they're in the park.

Bryant Park Carousel

Before we went to the NYPL Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, we did get a picture of the building across the street with the circulating collection.

Then, we crossed over to get pictures of the building everyone thinks of as "THE New York Public Library, although there are other buildings. This weekend was the celebration of the 100th anniversary of that building. It opened May 23, 1911.

And, the lions! I love Patience and Fortitude. For the anniversary celebration, LEGO artist Nathan Saways did replicas of the iconic lions.
Me with Patience, one of the Library Lions
Me with one of the LEGO lions

We were lucky enough to get to tour the building, and then we had a rare tour of the closed stacks. It's something they usually do at the holidays for special groups. We went down three floors on back stairs. We were able to see the stacks, and also the dumbwaiter they use to send the books up to the reading rooms. Frankly, as a former page, the pages at the NYPL who work the closed stacks appear to have a boring job. But, people are people, and they also had warnings not to hide the bins of books because it makes more work for other people. I felt very lucky to be in NYC for this celebration, having the chance to take both tours. The building itself is beautiful, but it's fun to know most people never get to see the closed stacks.

We happened to pass a chocolate show, Lily O'Brien's on our way to the library in the morning, so we ended back there this afternoon since they weren't open when we were out walking earlier. MMMMMMMM. Chocolate from County Kildare, Ireland. A bought two boxes of the Sticky Toffee Chocolates, something she usually only gets in England. Very good chocolates.

It was our last night to hit Broadway shows. (sniff) A. went to see comedian Mike Birbiglia, one of her favorites, while I met Talia Sherer to see That Championship Season with Kiefer Sutherland, Chris Noth, Jason Patric, Jim Gaffigan and Brian Cox. Another magical evening in New York. I don't understand why this play didn't do better because the cast was superb. Reviews said it was dated. OK, it's set in 1972. But, for Pete's sake, if you know it's set in 1972, and, it's played as if it's 1972, why does that date it, anymore than a play set in Victorian England. At least Talia and I really enjoyed it.

Theater posters
Then, I had to take one last spin through Times Square since we switch hotels on Sunday. We're moving to Madison Avenue for our last two nights, away from the Theater District and Times Square.


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Glad you got to see a great show...and the stacks at the library! Love the idea of books for kids to read while they're at the park.

Lesa said...

Elizabeth, Even our tour guide on the Grey Line Tour last night mentioned the books in the park as we went by.

I saw three terrific shows while I was here, and had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, Lesa! You looked so cute standing in front of the lion. I'm glad you included the Lego lion as I've seen it mentioned lately, but wondered what it looked like. Amazing!

And, the closed stacks - reminds me of the "Restricted Area" of the library at Hogwarts! Very interesting. So, did you see any ghosts? LOL

So glad to hear you've enjoyed your theater times!

Gran said...

Excellent! I'm jealous that you had a NY bagel! It's good to see the NY library lions again, and I love that children can read books while they are in the park.

Ingrid King said...

The Lego lions are amazing! I'm thoroughly enjoying your tour of New York.

Lesa said...

Didn't see any ghosts, Kay, but I did come back and watch the anniversary ghostbusters clip when NYPL allowed a group to do a flash ghostbusting in the library. That was fun.

I know. Aren't those LEGO lions amazing.

Time's running down. I'm going to hate to leave, but my cats will be ready for me to come home, I'm sure.

Lesa said...

Had a few NY bagels while I was here, Gran. It's been a good food trip.

Lesa said...

Thanks, Ingrid. It's been a good tour!