Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Kate Carlisle, Guest Blogger

It's my pleasure to host Kate Carlisle today as guest blogger because she'll be at Velma Teague tomorrow, along with Avery Aames, appearing for Authors @ The Teague at 2 p.m.  Thank you, Kate, for taking time to write for us.

Kate Carlisle’s Kitchen Remodel

Kate Carlisle is the author of the Bibliophile Mysteries, featuring rare book restoration expert (and lover of all things edible) Brooklyn Wainwright. The fourth Bibliophile Mystery, Murder Under Cover, is a May 2011 release. Brooklyn’s best friend Robin returns to San Francisco from a trip to India with a new man – and an exceedingly rare copy of the Kama Sutra for Brooklyn to restore. When the new boyfriend is murdered in Robin’s bed, only Brooklyn and the handsome British security expert Derek Stone stand between her and life in prison.

Thank you for hosting me here today, Lesa! I look forward to meeting you in person tomorrow. (Everyone, I’ll be at the Teague at 2 pm tomorrow. Public welcome! Come say hi, please!)

I love watching HGTV makeover shows, especially when they redo the kitchen. In the before scenes, we meet the homeowners and empathize with them over their sad, outdated kitchen. How tragic to live with brass fixtures and linoleum floors! Don’t worry, poor, pathetic people – help is on the way.

The team of experts sweeps in with low slung tool belts and blinding smiles. Demolition is finished before the first commercial break. In half an hour, the room is transformed, and teary-eyed homeowners exclaim in joy.

Yeah, that’s not how it goes in real life.

Seduced by the dream, I decided recently to have my kitchen remodeled. I thought it would be fun for my readers to follow along with the progress, so I committed to sharing pictures on my Facebook page,

The contractor came several weeks ago, and I very happily posted a picture of the hole he punched through my kitchen wall. Here it is:

The first hole, the first step of demolition.
“How thrilling,” I thought. In my heart, I believed that I’d have a sparkling, new kitchen in half an hour.

Since that first hole… nothing for over a month. Seriously, nothing. The contractor didn’t even return to our house during that time, though he kept assuring me over the phone that he would. The jagged edges of that ugly hole mocked me every time I entered the kitchen. (The upside is that I don’t like to cook much anyway, so it’s no hardship for me to eat out more often.)

Work finally started last week. I went to the dentist, and when I returned home, my entire kitchen was in the back of the contractor’s truck. Gulp!

I still plan to post updates and pictures of the progress when there is progress, so I hope you’ll like me on Facebook to join in the fun. I’m beginning to suspect this remodel will have little in common with the TV version. Our contractor is not movie star handsome, with a full head of hair and a T-shirt stretched tight over his muscular chest. There’s no perky girl with straight teeth designing window treatments on the spot. Sadly, demolition and rebuilding will clearly not happen in the space of a day.
Remodeling my kitchen has something in common with restoring an antique book, which is what Brooklyn Wainwright does. Brooklyn is the protagonist of MURDER UNDER COVER, the latest book in my Bibliophile Mysteries series. To properly restore a book, Brooklyn often has to take it completely apart. In essence, to demolish it. The big difference is that when her work is done, the book will still look delightfully old, whereas I hope my kitchen will not.

I also hope most fervently that during my kitchen remodel, I won’t stumble over any dead bodies, the way poor Brooklyn does when working on her precious books.
Have you ever remodeled your kitchen or another room in your home? How did you feel while the remodel was happening? Was it worth the hassle in the end? What is your favorite home show on TV? Do you read any home décor magazines to get ideas for your house? Do you like the DIY ideas, or the ones that cost lots of money?

To read a free excerpt of MURDER UNDER COVER, go to:

Thanks, Kate! And, I hope there are some who can join us tomorrow at Velma Teague.

Kate Carlisle's website is

Murder Under Cover by Kate Carlisle. Penguin Group (USA). ©2011. ISBN 9780451233516 (paperback), 304p.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could come to the event tomorrow. Alas, too early in the week.

As to kitchen remodels - yes, I have and, oh thank goodness we survived it. Sold our house and are done with the mess, the dust, the noise, the ick. I feel your pain! Truly. It will be great when it is done, but it does seem like it goes on forever and ever!

Kate Carlisle said...

Good morning! Lesa, thank you so much for hosting me here today. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow. Did you hear Avery's big news? She won the Agatha Award for Best First Novel!!! So your readers will meet her right after her big win. Be sure to congratulate her. I'm so proud of and happy for her!

Kate Carlisle said...

Good morning, Kay! I'm so sorry you won't be able to come see us tomorrow. If you can do some juggling and make it after all, I'd love to meet you.

Since I wrote that post, my kitchen remodel has started. You're right, it is a major mess. It makes it very hard for me to concentrate on writing while they're working, too. I don't have the silence and privacy I'm used to. But it really makes it a relief when I get to leave the house to do signings and appearances! :)

SandyG265 said...

We had our kitchen remodeled. It was a mess. especially when the hot water pipe under the missing sink gave way at two in the morning and shot hot water over the kitchen. But it was worth it when teh kitchen was doen.

Lesa said...

Hi Kate,

Thanks for taking time to do the guest blog. And, just think! You get out of the house for a few days to do author appearances!

Yes! I did hear Avery's big news, and I'm looking forward to celebrating tomorrow. We are going to celebrate.

I'm afraid Kay's plane doesn't leave for Arizona until Friday, so I don't think she can change her plans.

See you tomorrow, Kate!

Kate Carlisle said...

Oh no, Sandy! Now I'm going to have hot water nightmares. Did it make a loud enough noise to wake you up, or did you sleep right through the geyser explosion in your kitchen? That's really saying something, that it was worth it when it was done!

Kate Carlisle said...

Lesa, Hurray! I love a good celebration!

Anonymous said...

I love her books. Thanks for letting her showing us another side of her.

Lesa said...

I hope you enjoy it, Kate!

Lesa said...

My pleasure, Page. I'm glad Kate took the time to do a guest blog for us.

Anonymous said...

I will look forward to reading "Murder Under Cover"! I adore that cover.

I have a pen pal (distant cousin) who says she now thinks of her remodeling guy as one of her children he has been around so long. It shouldn't be that way for just a kitchen, though....


Lesa said...


That's so funny that your cousin's remodeling guy is now part of her family. I hope that doesn't happen to Kate!

Jenel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kate Carlisle said...

Page, Thank you for coming! I hope I'll get to meet you tonight.

Brenda, thank you so much for stopping by! I'm glad you like the cover of MURDER UNDER COVER as much as I do. All four of the Bibliophile Mysteries covers are sooo good! I adore them. Thank you, cover artists!

Kate Carlisle said...

Lesa, thank you again for being such a warm and gracious hostess! See you soon!

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Kate! See you this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

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