Thursday, March 10, 2011

Winners and Give Me a C Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the last contest. Sandy G. of North Plainfield, NJ and Eileen B. from Townsend, MA won the copies of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's An Embarrassment of Riches. The publicist will be sending your books.  P.L. Gaus' Blood of the Prodigal will go to Carolyn L. of Knoxville, TN. I'll mail that book tomorrow.

This week, I have two autographed books by authors whose last name begins with C. Some "lucky" person will receive Deborah Coonts' latest Lucky O'Toole/Vegas adventure, Lucky Stiff. This time, the Babylon Casino's troubleshooter, Lucky O'Toole has to handle everything from bees loose in the street to Fight Week. Oh, and there's a body in a shark tank as well.

Or, maybe you'd like Cleo Coyle's Roast Mortem. It's a hot mystery for Clare Cosi, manager and head barista of the Village Blend coffeehouse. Someone is torching cafes throughout the city, and Cleo and the Village Blend could be the next ones to go up in flames. This one is an autographed advanced reading copy.

Do you want to win Lucky Stiff or Roast Mortem? You can enter to win both, but I need separate entries. Send them to me at Your subject lines should read "Win Lucky Stiff" or "Win Roast Mortem." Entries from the U.S. only, please.

The contest will run until 6 PM MT on Thursday, March 17. Winners will be picked by random number generator, and the books will go out on Friday.  Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Heard about this giveaway and your blog on CoffeeHouseMystery. And since I love Cleo's books I had to check this out and will be reading more of you rblog today and in the future.


Lesa said...

Thank you, Nancy! I'm glad Cleo sent you my way. I hope you enjoy it here. Although I do other books, I emphasize crime fiction. Welcome!

cyn209 said...

thanx for this, Lesa!!!


Nancy Roessner said...

Cleo Coyle also sent me your way. I'm lucky to have found your blog. I'm sure I'll enjoy following it.

Lesa said...

Thanks, Cynthia. And, thank you, Nancy for telling me how you found my blog. I hope you enjoy it enough to return!

EngridE said...

Saw Cleo's Facebook post. Thank you, Lesa, I look forward to reading your reviews.

Lesa said...

Cleo's done a great job for this contest. Thank you, Engrid.

Lilk13 said...

I would love the opportunity to win both of these books. Love them.

Karen / lilk13

Lesa said...


I hope you sent me an email at requesting the books. You have 5 more hours, until 6 PM PT.