Wednesday, March 02, 2011

April's Hot Titles

Yesterday, we discussed the April book releases in my closet. Now, we have the chance to talk about the books not in my closet. There are a number of exciting books coming out in April, including ones by some of my favorite authors. I hope you find books by some of your favorites in this list.

Susan Wittig Albert returns with the next China Bayles mystery, Mourning Gloria. China hears  the screams of a woman in a burning house trailer, but can't save her. But, when a reporter disappears while working on the case, now considered a homicide, China is determined to find her.

In David Baldacci's The Sixth Man, private investigators Sean King and Michelle Maxwell look into a case that could end their partnership, that of an alleged serial killer now locked away in a mental institution.

Elizabeth Berg brings us Once Upon a Time, There was You. John and Irene married for all the wrong reasons, and finally divorced. But, when tragedy strikes their teenage daughter, they're brought back together, and begin to see each other differently.

I'm an unabashed fan of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books. The last book left us hanging. Now, Harry Dresden returns in Ghost Story, with no magic to help him, and he's being hunted by several dark spirits. Even so, nothing will prevent Harry from helping his friends when they're in danger.

The two sisters who own a pizza shop return in Chris Cavender's A Pizza to Die For.  They don't mind a little competition, but Judson Sizemore will go to extremes to promote his shop. When he ends up dead, the sisters are under suspicion.

The Clarks both have books due out in April. In Mary Higgins Clark's I'll Walk Alone, a woman whose toddler disappeared two years earlier is about to be indicted for identity theft, and is suspected of murder. Someone is determined to destroy her sanity and life. Carol Higgins Clark brings back private investigator Regan Reilly and her husband, Jack in Mobbed. While working a case, Regan runs into old friends. She almost doesn't recognize one, for a good reason.

The Bride's House is Sandra Dallas' new book. It's the story of the women who lived in a Colorado house built in 1880.  Susan, the latest in the long line of strong women who lived there, will be forced by the house's secrets to question herself.

It seems as if it's been longer than two years since Diane Mott Davidson's last Goldy Schulz mystery. There's a killer arsonist threatening Goldy's friends in Crunch Time. Once she takes them in, she may be next, unless she can find the killer.

Miles to Go is the second installment in Richard Paul Evans' series about Alan Christofferson, a man who lost everyone he loved. In this book, Evans continues his walk from Spokane to Key West, encountering new people, and new lessons about love.

Detectives Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli have a strange case in Lisa Jackson's Born to Die. Lookalikes are dying, and Dr. Kacey Lambert is uncomfortable with her resemblance to two of the dead women. Digging into their past, she discovers a link between them and a man she's just started dating.

I have to say the summary of Iris Johansen's Eve sounds similar to the summary of her last book. Once again, forensic sculptor Eve Duncan is trying to help a woman find her missing son. The woman, a CIA agent, learns there is a man in Eve's past who could be linked to the disappearance of both of their children.

Pot-growning twins Paul and Lacey Hansen are in trouble in Heads You Lose by Lisa Lutz and David Hayward. They can't call the police when a body turns up on their property, so they move it. When it turns up again, they discover it's Lacey's ex-boyfriend, whose death is linked to their parents' deaths a decade earlier.

It's a Blossom Street road trip in A Turn in the Road by Debbie Macomber. Bethanne Hamlin is taking a road trip to Florida with her daughter, Annie, and her former mother-in-law, Ruth, who is going to attend her 50th high school reunion. The women all have decisions to make, and their journey shows them sometimes you have to take a turn in the road.

In Katherine Hall Page's The Body in the Gazebo, Faith Fairchild agrees to keep an eye on her friend's ailing elderly mother while Pix is out of town. But, when a mysterious letter arrives, Faith realizes the older woman's illness is partially caused by something horrific from her past.

In Nora Roberts' Chasing Fire, smoke jumper Rowan Tripp has been having dreams featuring her late partner. Is he warning her about coming danger in her job, or in her romantic relationship with another smoke jumper?

In Save Me by Lisa Scottoline, Susan Pressman, a volunteer at her daughter's school, manages to save her daughter and Amanda, her daughter's bully, following an explosion. But, when Amanda was injured going back inside, Susan is blamed. In order to vindicate herself, she has to learn why Amanda returned to the school.

I'm also excited about three debut novels. Red on Red by Edward Conlon tells of the partnership between two NYPD detectives. They had radically different approaches to their work; one was drawn to cases of rough and ordinary combat. The other was compelled by ghost stories, suicides, and missing persons. Together, their partnership altered their views of the world.

Joel McHenry's The Kitchen Daughter

And, the third debut novel is The Bird Sisters by Rebecca Rasmussen. Now, the two sisters are known as kind ladies of Spring Green, Wisconsin who nurse injured birds back to life. But readers learn of their earlier lives, especially the summer when a cousin came to town and changed their lives forever.

I can't cover every new book coming out in April. What titles have I missed that have you excited? Let me know!


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Something here for everyone! I'm going to have a great April with books. :)

Sharon said...

Wow, there are a lot of books coming out. I'm a Jim butcher fan too and can't wait for Ghost Story! Thanks.

Lesa said...


There is something here for everyone. Great month, isn't it?

Lesa said...

You and me, both, Sharon. I'm looking forward to Ghost Story.

Rebecca Rasmussen said...

Thank you for the lovely bird sister mention! :) XOX

Beth Hoffman said...

So many writers I love are on your list. I'm really looking forward to the latest from Sandra Dallas and Elizabeth Berg. The Bird Sisters is a terrific debut and I actually blurbed it for its cover.

I always look forward to your Hot Titles posts, Lesa. Happy Wednesday, my friend!

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Rebecca. I'm looking forward to reading it!

Lesa said...


I'm looking forward to all of those - Berg, Dallas, and The Bird Sisters. I trust your blurbs, so I'm glad to know you liked it.

Happy Wednesday, Beth!

Kaye Barley said...

I always look forward to your monthly posts about new upcoming books - Thank You!!

Several faves coming out in April, and at the top of the list would be the newest Susan Wittig Albert.

Hugs, Lesa!!

Lesa said...

Hi Kaye!

Oh, I enjoy putting together the posts about new upcoming books. Happy to know some of these books are by your favorite authors. Unfortunately, too many by some of mine!

Hugs back!

Diane said...

Thank you Lesa,

I am usually able to be one of the first on the reserve list at our library because of you. And because of you I am able to keep track of my series (on FictFact.) Don't know how I managed before finding you!


Kris said...

I'm really looking forward to The Sixth Man. I'll be reading First Family this month hopefully.

Lesa said...

Thank you, Diane! Perfect comment to make to a librarian. I really appreciate it. Now, I have to do something for my sister. She was #34 on one of the books at her library.

Lesa said...

A Baldacci fan, Kris. I hope you enjoy both of them!

Anonymous said...

I have news of two titles of interest coming out in April. Both books are new titles by Clea Simon.

The third entry in Clea's Dulcie Schwartz series is GREY ZONE. First published in the UK in 2010 and now published by Severn House in the US. Dulcie is hard at work on her thesis but would rather focus on her own Gothic mystery when present day concerns, including her mischievous kitten, drag her into a tangle of motive, misbehavior, and maybe even murder!

The second is the first entry in a new series published by Poisoned Pen Press - DOGS DON'T LIE. Pru Marlowe is a tough girl on the run from her gift as an animal psychic. She left the city to return to her picturesque Berkshires looking for a little peace. Too bad her training as a animal behaviorist got her mixed up with a rescue dog and her person who is now dead, leaving the dog Lily looking good for it. Pru's got to uncover the real killer using clues from the traumatized and misunderstood pit bull who can't seem to give Pru a clear picture of what she has witnessed.

I'm certain both mysteries will be excellent, so which one do I read first? It's a dilemma any reader would love to face -- having two different new books out from a favorite author.

Lesa said...


Thanks for passing on the news of Clea's books. I have DOGS DON'T LIE in my treasures in my closet post. I'm going for that one. You do have a dilemma!

Ingrid King said...

So much to look forward to in April! I just finished reading both of Clea Simon's new books, and they're both fantastic.

Lesa, on your list, I'm particularly excited about Lisa Scottoline's new one.

Lesa said...


I'm glad to hear you liked both of Clea's books. And, I'm always happy to hear what books people are anticipating. Thanks!

Clea Simon said...

Thank you, Sandie, Ingrid, and Lesa for all your kind words!! I'm flattered beyond belief. It is very odd to have two books out the same month. If it helps, they're rather different. "Grey Zone" is much cozier, with a ghost cat and his grad-student human. "Dogs Don't Lie" is a little harder-edged. I was trying for a tongue-in-cheek take on classic hardboiled detective style, which is why I call it "a pet noir."

Whatever you read, I hope you enjoy it! And thanks, Lesa, for pointing out so many great books.