Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winners and A Comedy Tonight Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the last contests.  Copies of Julia Spencer-Fleming's One Was a Soldier go to Joyce D. of Bayville, NJ, Susan M. from Williamsburg, VA, and Kay M. of Lubbock, TX. Diane K. from Crown Point, IN won Chelsea Cain's books, and Michael Palmer's A Heartbeat Away goes to Charlotte W. of Covington, GA. The books will all go out in the mail tomorrow.

These heart-stopping books were a little heavy, so I'll lighten it up this week with some humor.  You could win a copy of Tim Dorsey's Electric Barracuda.  It's a non-stop ride across Florida as Serge Storms leads the police on a merry chase.  Please don't enter this contest, though, if you are easily offended by crude language or situations.  Tim's Serge Storms is a lovable antihero, but he and his sidekick, Coleman, are also coarse and outrageous.

Or, you could enter to win Steve Hockensmith's The Crack in the Lens.  Travel back in time to 1893, when Otto "Big Red" Amlingmeyer and his brother Gustav "Old Red" have the time to investigate the murder of Old Red's girlfriend.  Her death at the hands of a brutal killer was swept under the rug by authorities.  When the brothers decide to find out what really happened, everyone in town wants to keep those secrets buried.  Maybe they'll try to bury the brothers with the secrets.  It's a twisted puzzle that would have baffled even the brothers' hero, Sherlock Holmes.

So, would you like Tim Dorsey's book or Steve Hockensmith's?  You can enter to win both, but I need separate entries.  Email me at  The subject lines should read, either "Win Dorsey" or "Win Hockensmith."  Include your name and mailing address in the body of the email.  Entries only from the U.S., please.

The contest will close Thursday, Feb. 24 at 6 PM MT when I'll draw the winners using a random number generator.  The books will go out in the mail on Friday.  Good luck!

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