Friday, February 11, 2011

Quarterly Brown Bag Luncheon

It's a toss-up whether I enjoy presenting the quarterly brown bag luncheon more or Authors @ The Teague.  They're both special programs.  This week I held the brown bag luncheon.  It's my chance to share interesting or new books with library patrons.  I love talking about books!

So, here are the titles from this quarter.

Brown Bag Luncheon – Feb. 2011

Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee – One Amazing Thing (Adult Fiction) – When an earthquake hits, nine survivors are trapped, and tell stories to keep themselves together.

Evison, Jonathan – West of Here (Adult Fiction) An epic story of Washington’s Olympic peninsula, the people who built Port Bonita, and their descendents.

Ferraris, Zoё – Finding Nouf (Adult/Teen Fiction) In Saudia Arabia, a desert guide and a lab technician investigate when a teen goes missing, and, upon finding her body, they learn she drowned in the desert.

Fforde, Katie – Love Letters (Adult Fiction) Laura Horsely finds herself unemployed when the bookshop where she works closes, so she agrees to help with a literary festival. But, she’s sent to Ireland to recruit a reclusive author.

Fiffer, Sharon – Backstage Stuff (Adult Fiction) Jane Wheel returns to her hometown to assist her best friend in putting on a play, and preparing a house for an estate sale, only to find mysteries and murder.

Grennan, Conor – Little Princes (Adult Nonfiction) One man’s attempt to bring home the lost children of Nepal.

Genova, Lisa – Left Neglected (Adult Fiction) Following a car accident, a wife and mother suffers from left neglect, a disability that affects her body.

Hoag, Tami – Secrets to the Grave (Adult Fiction) When a woman is murdered, her young daughter is the only surviving witness. Child advocate Anne Leone takes the child in, and works with the police to find the killer.

Lippman, Laura – The Girl in the Green Raincoat (Adult Fiction) Since she is on bedrest for a difficult pregnancy, private detective Tess Monaghan amuses herself by watching a dog park, until one day, a dog shows up without its owner. Tess, along with her employee and friends, try to solve the mystery.

Rodriguez, Deborah – A Cup of Friendship (Adult Fiction) The story of a coffee shop in Kabul, Afghanistan, and the women at the heart of it.

Rubenfeld, Jed – The Death Instinct (Adult Fiction) Manhattan became the site of the most massive terrorist attack ever to occur on U.S. soil. It was 1920, and that event brought three people together in the investigation.

Scottoline, Lisa – My Next Isn’t Empty, It Just Has More Closet Space (Adult Nonfiction) More humorous or touching essays from Scottoline and her daughter.

Senate, Melissa – The Love Goddess’ Cooking School (Adult Fiction) When she inherits her grandmother’s Maine home, Holly Maguire plans to become an Italian cooking teacher like her grandmother. But her four students are searching for life, not just cooking techniques.

Trigiani, Adriana – Don’t Sing at the Table (Adult Nonfiction) Lessons Trigiani learned from her Italian grandmothers.

Walsh, Jill Paton – The Attenbury Emeralds (Adult Fiction) Thirty years after his original case, Lord Peter Wimsey, and his wife, Harriet Vane, are asked to investigate the Attenbury emeralds again.

And, a preview –

Palmer, Michael – A Heartbeat Away (Adult Fiction) – When almost all the elected officials in the federal government, from the President on down, are quarantined in the Capitol following a deadly virus attack, it’s up to one man, imprisoned for terrorism, to find the cure.


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

I love these quick roundups that you do--helps me organize my TBR list! Thanks.

Bev Stephans said...

I loved The Attenbury Emeralds. I really think that Jill Paton Walsh has captured the essence of Dorothy Sayer's writing and I don't say that about any other author that has tried to continue a series after the author has died.

My copy of The Girl In The Green Raincoat should be here today. I kind of got off the track of reading Laura lippman because I just didn't care much for her stand-alones. I'm eager to see if this book will get me back to reading her again.

I'm also looking at a few of the other titles with one eye and my TBR pile with the other eye. We'll see who wins!

Lesa said...

Oh, thank you, Elizabeth. Now, if I could only organize my TBR pile!

Lesa said...


I'll be interested to see what you think of The Girl in the Green Raincoat. Let me know. I totally understand. I brought home a book by an author I haven't read, but my mother loves her. Then, there's my TBR pile. I have a couple books I HAVE to read, and then we'll see what wins.

Meg Waite Clayton said...

I want the love goddess cover!

Lesa said...

Isn't that a great cover, Meg? The cover is what first drew me to the book. I knew nothing about it, except I loved that cover.